Aug 29, 2011

Spring has Sprung: a day in my garden...

 Plum blossom unfurling to greet the morning sun,
tender green leaves emerging as verdant flags:
spring has suddenly sprung in my garden.
Pink Pigface is a bolt of glorious colour. 
How I love this happy little plant
with its impossible name! 
The maples and crab apples are still thinking 
about coming back to life;
but the arum lilies just can't wait a minute longer.
Soon there will be masses of white lilies to pick for the house.
My entire Saturday was spent playing in the garden:
weeding, picking, clipping, admiring the beauty of nature.

Its a happy place to be, a garden. 
Be it a private or public garden,
a park or a terrace;
just a little touch of green can lift the most jaded spirit.

Do you love gardens too?

All images: blue fruit


  1. My favourite time of year - spring is the best! Love seeing all the little buds bursting forth and the blossoms and leaves reappearing after a long wintry sleep. Lifts the spirits no end. Can't wait to see my Mum's garden this weekend. Yours looks beautiful. 

  2. Claudia Lane29/8/11 11:47 AM

    What lovely pics to share...your garden is gorgeous Virginia :)
    Spring is my fav season, so beautiful everywhere you look.

    Stop by my blog there's a surprise for you;)

    Claudia xo

  3. Annie Loveridge29/8/11 12:06 PM

    What a gorgeous garden Virginia. I remember growing up, our weekends were spent climbing trees and playing in the garden while my parents 'did the gardening'.  I can sense the space, and what a privilege that is as gardens get smaller and houses bigger! We had beautiful warm weather this weekend too and it felt really good! 

    Thanks for such a happy post!  Annie x.

  4. Hello Virginia

    I love the garden - Unfortunately I don't have much of it currently.

    I am craving a wholesome vege garden - with lots of herbs.

    yours is so pretty and such lovely areas to enjoy - and look at your lovely water feature.

    have a wonderful day


  5. Thank you Mel and yes it sure does lift everybody's mood amazingly. 

  6. Oh, what fun, will pop over now to see! 

  7. I wish I could lure my teenage children out to climb the trees while I gardened! But the littlest one likes weeding, and it is VERY handy to have an 18 year old son to do all the heavy digging for me, so at least it drags them out into the sunshine, which is lovely. 

  8. Thank you Loulou! I feel very spoilt with a garden this large - by far the largest we have ever had. (Having lived in apartments, townhouses, country homesteads, the works really....) The water feature is actually a bird bath, which is for the Eastern rosellas who love to splash about in it. 

  9. I love your beautiful garden! It must have required a lot of planning and maintaining to have a gorgeous garden like this. Thanks for sharing it with us, Virginia!

  10. Jane and Lance Hattatt29/8/11 5:10 PM

    Hello Virginia:
    And here we are  feeling, although it remains wonderfully warm and sunny, that summer is slipping away from us. Oh dear! Your gain, our loss.

  11. robinsonheather29/8/11 5:37 PM

    What an amazing garden! It's huge! And so lovely. :) I felt like I was right there with you. I miss having a garden, walking around with my coffee to see what happened over night but I still have potted plants and flowers lining the hall staircase--and of course fresh herbs on my kitchen windowsill. I can't wait to see how things grow chez toi!

  12. Hi Heather, thank you! Yes it is huge - these pictures are only of the front garden too, apart from the photo of the vintage black chaise by the pool, which is in the back garden. I think the front garden is almost bigger than any other garden I have had! After a day in the city, it is quite extraordinary to come home to such a peacefully green garden. 

    And that is exactly what we do on Saturday mornings - we make coffee and then walk around the garden to see how everything is progressing. A bit of a ritual! Love the idea of potted plants lining the hall staircase - it would look so welcoming and cheerful. 

  13. Hello Jane + Lance! It used to fascinate me as a child, to think that as we were getting up for the day the other side of the world was going to bed. And now as an adult, it still fascinates me to ponder how neatly the seasons are swapped, from one hemisphere to the other. It is indeed, as if summer slips away like a willful child, bored of play and looking for a new place to explore. 

  14. Hi Jessie! Thank you! It was a big overgrown mess when we bought the property. After a decade of drought, all the big old gum trees were dead, so we were able to start from scratch. It was a great chance to play with landscape design, so I created 2 beds of ying and yang shapes in the front garden, with each section planted with different leaved plants, some grey and some green for contrast. The best thing is, there is always something flowering, all year round, which is lovely because I like to fill the house with flowers. And any extras get taken to my local florist. Luxury! 

  15. Gorgeous! I don't have a garden at the moment and boy do I miss it. THank you for sharing yours with me!
    x KL

  16. Mapleandvine29/8/11 10:03 PM

    your garden is gorgeous! so green and lush!! lovely photos! 

  17. Joy at Joyfulthings30/8/11 2:43 AM

    I love gardening!  Planting the stuff I know will be no problem, planting the stuff that should not grow in my zone, forcing the blossoms,  picking the flowers, harvesting the fruits and vegetables, walking though the gardens smelling all the different smells, taking pictures of the successes, planning for next season!  I love gardening - it rejuvenates the spirit.  I didn't know that the pink flower was called Pigs Face - I've been calling it 'that pink daisy like thing" for years -  I love the color!  And today, when I went to pick some plums for my lunch I saw that a bear had made a bed under the plum tree and had himself a little snack. 

  18. Rachel Callaghan31/8/11 11:21 AM

    You have a really gorgeous garden. Is a similar style to my own, so of course I love it. My favourite favourite weekend day is one spent in the garden accomplishing things I have been planning all winter from inside the house! Moving plants around, potting up seedlings etc etc, and then raking paths, trimming hedges etc. Then coming inside when it is too dark to see, and find dinner being cooked.....

    Thanks for sharing xo


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