Aug 2, 2011

Pool House: a play space that works

Loving the trend for building pool houses
at the far edge of swimming pools.
Curvaceous & inviting, 
this little building is a stunning 
contrast in shape to the rectangular pool.
They can work well on a larger scale too, 
like these individual ones at the Ivy in Sydney.
Then again, perhaps all you really need 
is a little space for cosy shelter.
Oh and space for a fabulous pool bar cart too! 
 And with drapes to create a sense of luxe, 
this is one trend that I am loving!

How about you?

4/6/10: zimmermann  5: ivy


  1. oh, i'm loving this too! there's a bit of everything in this post-sumptuous! xx

  2. OMG, these pics are fabulous and look so relaxing and fun, especially the top pool pic is so modern. I love that white one piece too, all the suits are cute. The only thing I could do without is the Gin. hehe.  I can't drink Gin ;) Great summery post!

  3. Annie Loveridge2/8/11 12:41 PM

    Oh how I would love a pool...and not a swim up pool bar or Balinese hut in sight! What gorgeous images Virginia - all so beautiful and inspiring. Am particularly drawn to the gin wagon...pick the mother of 2! Annie x.

  4. renee finberg2/8/11 2:02 PM

    give me a pool house any day....
    and i will be a happy kid.

  5. Suzie Atkin2/8/11 10:00 PM

    Oooo love that pool house with the green lounge and drapes!!! looks very inviting.

  6. Needing a pool to combat the 100+ degree temperatures in NC, and the last one will be just perfect!!

  7. Amandaburdgehome3/8/11 7:18 AM

    love those drapes on the pool house!! Thanks for sharing!


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