Aug 24, 2011

On the Market: A Stylist's Own Home

The name "Megan Morton" instantly conjures
images of eclectic styling and clever details.
She is a Sydney stylist with an eye for industrial inspired vignettes.
Her book "home love" shares her ideas of styling;
focussing on symmetry, balance & mixing old + new.
So now that she and her family have decided to sell their home, 
it is no surprise to see that the styling 
is a little different from the usual real estate decorations.
Do you think most agents would feel nervous
about these wonderful industrial lockers in the family room?
It's a 1950s bungalow in a leafy part of town.
With a rather interesting floor plan
and surrounded by majestic gum trees. 
With a pool like this beckoning under the gum trees,
one probably wouldn't spend too much time in the house! 
Tiny spaces have been given the stylist tricks,
with mirrors & lots of white. 
(Just a thought...would a mirror over a bath 
drive you crazy with splashes, or am I just being pedantic?)
It's a very sunny home, 
simply white,
with lots of interesting furniture & objects. 
So my question to you is,
does this styling make you want to live here,
or is it the building itself which makes you want to live in a house?

Property: 24 Coolaroo Rd, Lane Cove, Sydney
Images & agents Ray White
With thanks to Design Files for background information


  1. This home has a lot of great features! The abundance of natural light, a pool, lots of window and beautiful dark hardwood floors, what's not to love? The chic styling and furnishings (most probably don't come with the house) don't hurt either! :)

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  2. Hi Virginia

    Love love the painted floor boards!
    Gosh this should sell easily - it is an absolute realistic picture.
    It has a gorgeous family feel about it - lovely styling but not over the top.

    have a great too Miss Stylish one


  3. I think it's amazing how many people buy a house based on the furniture, which they don't even get to keep! I'm pretty practical and because I like to put my own stamp on things I largely ignore the furniture and styling and scrutinise the house. You can cover up a lot with clever styling! This is a gorgeous home though.

  4. I think that the clean spaces help more than the actual style of furniture - but overall for me it's the floor plan, the light factor and the out spaces that do it for me. I love the look of the white painted floor (and black) - and the huge mirror in the bathroom - but all, I think, would be a nightmare to keep clean with my 3 children!!

  5. Hi Jessie. I agree lots of natural light is a big plus! 

  6. Hi Loulou! I reckon it will go easily too - it's a lovely part of Sydney and on a big leafy block.

  7. It's so interesting Anna to hear that point of view. Styling obviously does influence people a lot, I guess it helps them to imagine how a space can be used. But yes, good styling can cover a multitude of sins! (Albeit temporarily!)

  8. White + children? Eeks!!! Although, with hard floors it is quick to clean which is a big bonus. 

  9. Joy at Joyfulthings24/8/11 11:36 AM

    It sure is beautiful - I could live there in a heartbeat.

  10. Claudia Lane24/8/11 11:50 AM

    love relaxed and unpretentious- it's divine!

    Claudia xo

  11. Claire Neville24/8/11 1:54 PM

    I agree with you both.  It's amazing how many people are so heavily influenced by styling.  Like Anna I do try to look beyond it myself but then again, the only two houses I've ever bought have been do-ups! 

  12. Claire Neville24/8/11 1:56 PM

    By the way, I did get round to 'fantasy decorating' my dream house over at stylish irish.  Well the ground floor.  I'm about to start on the first floor.  So many bedrooms...

  13. Yeah, I reckon. You will be busy for ages on a house that size Claire! Talk about grand ambitions! Will pop over to see your thoughts. 

  14. The thing that really caught my attention and makes me want to own the house is the pool!  That is awesome. And to answer your question, yes, I want to live in that house. Everything is pretty inviting.

  15. And the pool is 10 metres long too! Very cool! 

  16. Michelle Walker24/8/11 4:12 PM

    I wonder if i could convince the husband to buy in Sydney...ha ha nah think i will stick to tempting as that house is...thanks for sharing.

  17. A bit of a commute for work each day, perhaps Michelle? Tassie is so beautiful though, I can see why you are only partly tempted.

  18. Jane and Lance Hattatt24/8/11 4:49 PM

    Hello Virginia:
    Such an interesting and, as you say, eclectic mix. But the kitchen we really do think is wonderful - so sleek and stylish and, we should imagine, timeless. An absolute classic.

  19. Very much so a classic, I agree. Simple black and white - what could be more timeless? 

  20. Wow!  That's too long! I might not get out of it then.

  21. These are the most beautiful interior designs and I would love to have a beautiful home like this.The  use of black and white colors and the contrast
    between the white walls and the dark hardwood floors give a clean,
    sophisticated and contemporary look to any room.

  22. robinsonheather24/8/11 6:26 PM

    I honestly think that our last house sold because of the way that it was decorated--I could just see it in their eyes. Not to mention we pulled out the stops--perfect music, smell, etc. Not that I will be buying anytime soon in this economy but if I do I will look at the bones and not the frippery--and the bones (well, everything actually) of this house are great! 
    PS. It made me giggle that Jane and Lance appreciated the KITCHEN of all things! 

  23. I imagine your house would have been full of warmth and style, making potential buyers instantly fall under its spell Heather. And I was taken by surprise by their observation of the kitchen of all things too - just goes to show you can't expect to forecast what will take a person's fancy! But it seems that this house is ticking lots of boxes for lots of people - it just has that intangible "home" feel to it. 

  24. Gildandgrace24/8/11 9:10 PM

    I love megan's style so I think the styling definitely helps! That being said, this house looks pretty special so I think I'd be happy to live there anyway :) Abbey x

  25. This house is amazing,  so beautifully decorated, light and airy, love it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  26. katelewisart26/8/11 4:50 AM

    What a beautiful home- i love the white background for her eclectic look. the family room rug is fab!

  27. Very beautiful home. Great pictures!!

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