Aug 28, 2011

The House in the Garden of Ghosts

Do you remember the hauntingly beautiful 
It is the magically imaginative garden
built on a former private zoo in Sydney 
which has won quite a few landscape awards.
Well, let's take a peek at the house
at the centre of the gorgeous garden.
The architecture is as eclectic as the garden.
Allen Jack + Cottier were asked to design an 
extension to the High Victorian building,
incorporating a dining zone + a bedroom,
while adding light to a formerly dark living area.
This glass boxed structure, 
screened by an enormous steel mesh curtain, 
was their thoughtful solution.
The new extension and the garden 
just seem to belong together. 
As good architecture and landscape design should. 

Can you imagine a lazy sunny Sunday breakfast here?
Sounds good to me! 


  1. robinsonheather29/8/11 12:24 AM

    I'll bring the croissants, Virginia! :)

    Seriously? I am in love with this house, that garden and that gorgeous metallic curtain. Very dramatic and I am crazy for it.

  2. Jane and Lance Hattatt29/8/11 2:16 AM

    Hello Virginia:
    This really does look innovative in its design. Indoors and outdoors are cleverly meshed into a seamless whole. yes, alfresco dining would be a pleasure here and, one assumes would be endlessly varied as the seasons and the time of day played games with the light.

  3. Malena Skaale, Hellohello Baby29/8/11 5:01 AM

    I remember the garden very well! I is amazing. Love the steel mesh curtain and how everything is merged together. All prizes well deserved. 
    I my self have finally moved from city to willage and am now turning in to a countrygirl! Yiihaa! :D

  4. designdork29/8/11 9:54 AM

    I love the light brought in by the windows and the steel mesh curtain. It adds so much drama to the space! Absolutely stunning!


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