Aug 25, 2011

Detail: the delicacy of Anna Campbell's gowns

Enchanted with Anna Campbell's vintage-inspired cocktail gowns,
fashioned from flowing fabrics and sparkly details.


Exquisite elements of crystals & braid.


How often is a gown this beautiful at the back?

This is the new Grecian Collection.


In the most lustrous shade of palest blue,
wouldn't this make any cocktail party 
devastatingly elegant?

Gowns: Anna Campbell, Melbourne // Flowers: Cecilia Fox


  1. Nadine Petschauer25/8/11 8:02 PM

    Gorgeous! I especially adore the wedding dress in the first photo but I also love Grecian inspired dresses..... beautiful.

  2. Hello Virginia

    Wow - these are some stunning works!

    I love the Grecian look - in fact I have always loved it.
    I think the first two photos are my favourite - the amount of detail and work in it totally inspires me in creation.

    have a wonderful night


    (ps - how aligned are we today!  We both did gowns and frocks as a post :)

  3. Annie Loveridge26/8/11 6:19 AM

    So beautiful and such beautiful images to start a Friday with thank you! Such talent and passion to produce such truly lovely dresses. I would LOVE to just try one on - I imagine it would be like grown up dress up! Am going over to check out her site as am quite inspired. Annie x.

  4. I love the top three dresses! So much thought, effort and talent went into creating these gowns!

  5. Claudia Lane26/8/11 1:07 PM

    truly exquisite details...hard not to fall in love
    Claudia xo

  6. Georgica Pond26/8/11 3:00 PM

    Oh my - how truly exquisite - and in Australia! If only I had an occasion to wear one. 


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