Aug 31, 2011

When you only have 2 pennies left in the World...

I spotted this gorgeous sign outside a florist 
at Balwyn North the other day. 
It's an old Chinese proverb.
And thinking just how beautiful lilies are,
and how delicious fresh bread is,
I kinda think there is a fair bit of simple truth in this old wisdom!

1& 2: bluefruit images: Java Bloom florist & Green Goddess lily in client's garden
3: unknown 4: In Search of the Real Captain KK

Aug 30, 2011

An Upside Down Garden Party with Upside Down Plants?

Imagine an upside down tea party,
at London's old Shoreditch station,
where the garden is all hanging upside down.
It would be such fun to eat a cake like this,
but should the guests be right side up or down side down I wonder?
It's not as silly as it sounds.
The garden is made possible with these Boskke planters,
designed to hang, well, upside down. 
And to celebrate the launch of the new range
of decorated Sky Planters,
illustrated by Marcus Oakley & Arran Gregory,
Jaguar Shoes is putting together an Upside Down Garden Party.
Which absolutely tickles my fancy.
You could have lots of fun with the decorations.
And serve upside pineapple cake.
But of course the centrepiece would have to be 
the rather fanciful Sky Planters.
With the myriad possibilities of plants that could be used,
it could become a veritable forest.

It's all rather fun, don't you think?

Sky Planters: Boskke
Upside Garden Party: Jaguar Shoes

Aug 29, 2011

Spring has Sprung: a day in my garden...

 Plum blossom unfurling to greet the morning sun,
tender green leaves emerging as verdant flags:
spring has suddenly sprung in my garden.
Pink Pigface is a bolt of glorious colour. 
How I love this happy little plant
with its impossible name! 
The maples and crab apples are still thinking 
about coming back to life;
but the arum lilies just can't wait a minute longer.
Soon there will be masses of white lilies to pick for the house.
My entire Saturday was spent playing in the garden:
weeding, picking, clipping, admiring the beauty of nature.

Its a happy place to be, a garden. 
Be it a private or public garden,
a park or a terrace;
just a little touch of green can lift the most jaded spirit.

Do you love gardens too?

All images: blue fruit

Aug 28, 2011

The House in the Garden of Ghosts

Do you remember the hauntingly beautiful 
It is the magically imaginative garden
built on a former private zoo in Sydney 
which has won quite a few landscape awards.
Well, let's take a peek at the house
at the centre of the gorgeous garden.
The architecture is as eclectic as the garden.
Allen Jack + Cottier were asked to design an 
extension to the High Victorian building,
incorporating a dining zone + a bedroom,
while adding light to a formerly dark living area.
This glass boxed structure, 
screened by an enormous steel mesh curtain, 
was their thoughtful solution.
The new extension and the garden 
just seem to belong together. 
As good architecture and landscape design should. 

Can you imagine a lazy sunny Sunday breakfast here?
Sounds good to me! 

Aug 25, 2011

Detail: the delicacy of Anna Campbell's gowns

Enchanted with Anna Campbell's vintage-inspired cocktail gowns,
fashioned from flowing fabrics and sparkly details.


Exquisite elements of crystals & braid.


How often is a gown this beautiful at the back?

This is the new Grecian Collection.


In the most lustrous shade of palest blue,
wouldn't this make any cocktail party 
devastatingly elegant?

Gowns: Anna Campbell, Melbourne // Flowers: Cecilia Fox

Aug 24, 2011

On the Market: A Stylist's Own Home

The name "Megan Morton" instantly conjures
images of eclectic styling and clever details.
She is a Sydney stylist with an eye for industrial inspired vignettes.
Her book "home love" shares her ideas of styling;
focussing on symmetry, balance & mixing old + new.
So now that she and her family have decided to sell their home, 
it is no surprise to see that the styling 
is a little different from the usual real estate decorations.
Do you think most agents would feel nervous
about these wonderful industrial lockers in the family room?
It's a 1950s bungalow in a leafy part of town.
With a rather interesting floor plan
and surrounded by majestic gum trees. 
With a pool like this beckoning under the gum trees,
one probably wouldn't spend too much time in the house! 
Tiny spaces have been given the stylist tricks,
with mirrors & lots of white. 
(Just a thought...would a mirror over a bath 
drive you crazy with splashes, or am I just being pedantic?)
It's a very sunny home, 
simply white,
with lots of interesting furniture & objects. 
So my question to you is,
does this styling make you want to live here,
or is it the building itself which makes you want to live in a house?

Property: 24 Coolaroo Rd, Lane Cove, Sydney
Images & agents Ray White
With thanks to Design Files for background information

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