Jul 1, 2011

Treasures from the Ocean: Louise Douglas Jewellery

Inspired by the beauty of the oceans,
this most exquisitely enchanting jewellery
is made by kiwi Louise Douglas.
After an adventure designing jewellery
in NYC for various high-end labels,
she has now returned home to New Zealand,
producing work under her own name.
Louise has captured the delicate tracery 
of sea lace and sea pods in this collection.

So every single piece,
is like a treasure from the deep blue sea. 

Jewellery Images: Louise Douglas Jewellery 
Sea lace & sea pod plant images: Beach Watchers


  1. I love pearls. The few jewelry pieces I have are quite traditional. These are a very modern expression of a centuries old adornment. Beautiful!

  2. Hi Virginia, thank you for sharing her amazing work...
    these pieces are beautiful and show that creativity is truly special particularly when associated with simplicity and natural flair...I'm so in love with her earrings (image no 2) and the bracelet in no 3 (can't wait to check out her site)
    Claudia xo

  3. I love love the first piece. is it a necklace or a cuff...either way the pearls are amazing.

  4. Thank you everybody for the lovely comments, and yes, aren't they just amazingly beautiful pieces?

    Margaret, the first image is a necklace and is called a Sea Pod Choker. The luscious velvet comes in a variety of colours, from palest pink, and rich chocolate to darkest black.

    Claudia, I absolutely believe that the hardest things to get right in design are the simplest ones - but then they are always the most beautiful, don't you think?

    Virginia x

  5. Oh my, these pieces take my breath and make me wish I could purchase every piece. I love this blog and I thank you for your kind comments on mine. I hope to visit here often.

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous, always inspiring to see another jewellery makers take on design. These are so earthy and taken from nature.

  7. So beautiful! Love seeing beautiful natural looking jewellery. Have a lovely weekend!

  8. Hello Virginia, love this jewelry, and especially how it's styled. Looks exactly like in the sea - gorgeous.
    Have a great weekend.
    A x

  9. Very pretty, love sea inspired jewels and the use of pearls! X chantal

  10. Oh the gold coral pendant is stunning, I would live to wear that with a caramel or white simple shift dress

  11. Gosh, they are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  12. looooove it!

    follow me ;)

  13. Thank you everyone for your kind comments , I am so lucky to do what I am most passionate about! I love making and designing jewellery. Please feel free to follow along with me of FB too.
    Virginia-thank you so much for posting. I love your blog too, it's just gorgeous. Warm wishes, Louise

  14. Absolutely gorgeous and so wearable. As always, Virginia, you bring the rest of the world the best that your other side (or primary side!) has to offer...

    Plein bisous,

  15. These jewelries are so beautiful and unique. Love the earrings in the last image.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Virginia!



  17. This is a marvelous idea in jewellery design. Putting a coral into a ring design is really a clever idea.


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