Jul 8, 2011

Sparkly Things

Dreaming of perfect sparkles on a Friday,
like these beautiful cuffs by Doloris Petunia.
Or these glittering gowns by Elie Saab.
After all, if a little sparkle is pretty, 
why not have lots of it instead?

Images: cuffs by Doloris Petunia etsy store
Elie Saab gowns: Style


  1. Hello Virginia:
    And why not? Everything which you show here is so very stylish and, well, showy!!

    Have a very happy Friday - it is still Thursday with us!!

  2. Good morning/ err that would be evening....Jane and Lance!

    I often forget that we are a half day ahead here in the bottom half of the world. So here I am excited that it is Friday morning already {looking forward to a fabulous weekend with lots planned} when for you it is Thursday evening. And there is such a different mindset for each different day, don't you think?

  3. Now that's what I call summer fireworks. The first Elie Saab gown takes my breath away. Reminds me of a gown you would of seen Princess Grace in. Then to visit D.Petuna's etsy sight is just as impressive. Your lovely post is a reminder how great it is being a girl!

    Cheers x Deb

  4. The cuffs are gorgeous...love a bit of sparkle on a Friday!
    Have a wonderful day Virginia
    Claudia xo

  5. Yup, still Thursday here. Not quite in the sparkly Friday mood yet but his certainly helps!!

  6. My goodness, these are beautiful! Fabulous with a gown, for certain *sigh*

    Hope you have a lovely close to the week...

    xx, Sarah

  7. wow those cuffs are breathtaking!! I am a little jealous toasting marshys at the zoo! how fun!! which zoo is that??

  8. Hi Margaret,

    Its the Werribee open range zoo, and they are running an African Winter Evening theme at the moment, with bonfires and marshmallows, African drummers & night safaris where you take torches to see the lions. It will be FREEZING but it sounds quite magical so I can't wait!

  9. Virginia! Hello, are you? Sweetie, these cuffs are, well, to borrow from Kimora Lee Simmons- FABULOUSITY! Thoroughly enjoying any time, anyone, wants to post such sparkle-larkle on a Friday! I could see these being worn with a plain - though uber-chic - black pantsuit. LOVE it. x

  10. the cuffs are amazing- i think they would look excellent with my trackies and uggies, no?

    xo em

  11. Gorgeous! And wonderful! Elie Saab is the premier red-carpet designer, all of his gowns are perfection. Great post. xx's

  12. Looooove this post, and all things sparkly... great finds!

  13. Elie Saab can really do no wrong, he is a true genius! Plus what girl says no to a little sparkle? x

  14. The cuffs are pretty but those gowns are just incredible! Wow!

    Thanks for your positive words about my new 'freelancing career'! I so appreciate it!x


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