Jul 26, 2011

Something Pretty: Feathered Headbands

 Rather enchanted with these delicate 
feathered & beribboned headbands
from UK based Pearl & Ivy.
You can use them to tuck your hair up 
in deliciously Edwardian swirls,
using these charming instructions from their 
adorable website.
Or simply as a headband, 
Art Deco style.
Reminds me of another clever designer, 
Brooke Howsley from Pollen Floral Art,
who can also master this 
free-flowing rambling style.
Just stunning, aren't they?

Feathered Headbands: Pearl & Ivy
All flowers: Cross Pollination by Brooke Howsley

1 comment:

  1. Rachel Callaghan1/8/11 7:35 AM

    Gorgeous images as usual! Always a delight to scroll down the page. Love it. Rx


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