Jul 29, 2011

Quiet Monochrome: Mindaneo Court by Design of Wonder

With a restricted palette of monochrome,
and a fabulous use of texture, 
this Edwardian home has been extended 
& reworked to create a sense of calm and quiet.
Beautiful detailing - the result of considered thinking.
It's the work of the young Melbourne design team,
and it was their first commission.
Their first??? 
I just wonder where they will go from here! 

Mindaneo Court by Design of Wonder 
With thanks to Design Files for introducing this brilliant new studio
Photography: Paul Barbera


  1. Kate Shore29/7/11 9:48 AM

    oh that kitchen is perfect - love the stools! what an amazing FIRST job! wow!

  2. And the gorgeous stools are double trouble too - with the mirror in front of them. Fun stuff! 

  3. I do love me a good, simple-yet-stunning interior.
    The doors (whether they be wood or windowed) are my fav in this house.
    Oh, and the bathroom with those incy-wincy tiles.
    Oops, can't forget to say I also love the floorboards (perfect colour!!), the bedroom with the spread and woven basket at end .. and the drapes. Those drapes have helped me in my search.

    thanks Virginia (-:

    ps. the restaurant post was a doozy - have jotted it down for our next big trip to Melbourne (-:

  4. Hi Linda! 
    yep, the curtains are rather good, I concur. They drape beautifully. 
    And thrilled to have inspired you to visit PM24 with yesterday's post. Well worth a try. 

  5. Wow, wow, and wow!

    they certainly will go far and far.

    that is a talented design over.

    I wish for them to come to my house and make it over

    have a lovely day - beautiful photos and post - thank you



  6. jacquelyn202729/7/11 12:09 PM

    this was their first commission!  they are going to wow us....i can't wait to see what else they do...lovely post and introduction

  7. The vanity mirrors are lovely!

  8. Rachelwilliams129/7/11 3:46 PM

    nice! i was starting to question my all white interior for the new house, but this has given me confidence to stick with it!

  9. Haha! Well yes there is a time and a place for both, I reckon. Colour is exciting and dynamic, but all white is restful. Both are beautiful! 

  10. Jane and Lance Hattatt29/7/11 5:01 PM

    Hello Virginia:
    A very brave, but highly successful, decision to go with the same colour scheme [if colour is the right word] throughout. We think that it works extraordinarily well.

  11. I have an all white interior, more by luck than judgement... it inspires me to keep my home clean and clutter free. It's my first home that's felt calm and peaceful.

  12. renee finberg30/7/11 4:34 AM

    the pocket door,
    the bathroom with the subways tiles and the mirror etc.....
    ...the casement windows that you have featured.
    i love.

    x happy weekend

  13. Claudia Lane30/7/11 4:57 PM

    Hi Virginia! The colour scheme is brilliant...everything is so calm and relaxing...I love the bathroom and the view from the last image is great - just love looking through...it's brilliant design 

    Claudia xo

  14. Anyaadores31/7/11 1:22 AM

    Hi Virginia - I love this post - my fave point is the bathroom with the amazing mirror and that sink - wow:)
    Hope you have a relaxing weekend.
    A x

  15. Love the doors, the floorboards, the bedroom and the last pic, this house is really stunning! It's neutral, just the way I like.
    Have a happy weekend.

  16. Rachel {Da Paura}31/7/11 7:23 AM

    Wow, everything looks so clean and polished...the result is quite elegant.  The bedroom looks very peaceful and inviting.  Wonderful design!


  17. robinsonheather31/7/11 6:56 PM

    Oh my, I am still so tired and out of it because I reeeeallly thought that I had posted a comment here. Luckily, I came back to see this post AGAIN because it is just so crazily inspiring!

  18. Thefrenchmouse1/8/11 2:28 AM

    Beautiful! I love love love that bathroom....the brass mirrors are stunning!


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