Jul 18, 2011

Parallel Perfection: House Punta by Marcio Kogan

Reflecting the beauty of the land on which it rests,
this quiet house by Marcio Kogan gently 
embraces the golden landscape of Uruguay.
House Punta's long, low, lean horizontal lines 
reinforce the wide open sky and land. 
Extensive timber decking blur the line
between outside and inside.
Stone, timber, glass. 
The simple elements of 
 comfortably elegant rustic architecture. 
Simple window frames. 
Stones as a "bar" to frame the top & bottom 
of the view;
exploring those horizontals again. 
The playfulness of random stone, 
where the sunlight's mood dances in many tones
of gold and shadow. 
Were you here this morning?
It's changed again, now that it's sunset. 
Open the shutters,
close the shutters.
The house responds to the sunshine's moods.
Cosy within.
Cosy without.
Sheltered in courtyard walls to trap the 
sun's warmth, without the wind.
This is a house to be shared and filled 
with laughter and warmth.
House Punta is domestic architecture 
at it's most responsive:
where the inhabitants are free to follow 
a mood, a whim, or a fancy of their own making, 
while the house simply becomes a quiet stage,
from which to admire this beautiful landscape. 

 House Punta, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
Architects: Studio MK27 - Marcio Kogan
Co-author: Suzana Glogowski
Interiors Co-authors: Beatriz Meyer & Diana Radomysler
Collaborator: Helena Montanarini

Photography: Reinaldo Coser


  1. i am loving the rustic outdoor/indoor feel to this house....I have been to Uruguay but only to Colonia.

    would love to go back :)

  2. great furniture! WOuld be amazing to live there :D
    come follow my blog hun :)

  3. Hello Virginia:
    What a WONDERFUL house. Such style, such design, and how beautifully it sits in the landscape - an unobtrusive statement of modernity constructed of totally sympathetic materials. We love it.

  4. Virginia this is stunning. I love the different textural elements stone, wood....the views are amazing!


    Art by Karena

    Come and join my Giveaway of a very special painting!

  5. Wow...stunning, to bad it's not local :)

  6. I want to get lost there an never return.

  7. Kogan is a fantastic architect, love his works. This house is perfect, as all his projects.

  8. I like those areas with pool and gardens in the middle of nowhere

  9. Oh Margaret, you are lucky to have travelled there. It is on my go to list, but my goodness, this list is getting terribly long....will there be enough time in life to see all the wonderful architecture in the world? Oh, I hope so!

    Cecylia, mmm... I love their choice of furniture too. It really seems to meld into the house.

    Jane + Lance...unobtrusive is the EXACT word to describe this house in one adjective. Agree utterly.

    Karena...texture is the key to the success here, don't you think? That, and the great understanding of using horizontal lines in such a landscape.

    Urban Road...haha! But there is something which, as an Australian, I find so very comfortable and "right" about this building, even though it is on the other side of the world. It's funny...perhaps it is because it is also a very dramatic landscape there too.

    Ms Givens...thank you for your comment and lovely to "meet" you. Yep, I would have to agree! I could happily call this my home.

    Tereza... you must know by now that I just about stalk Marcio Kogan...besotted is probably the word! You are lucky to come from such a brilliant architecturally dynamic country.

    Transitio...I love that... "the middle of nowhere". Picks up on the massive open scale of the surrounding country.

    Thank you everybody for your thoughtful comments! Glad to know it isn't just me who was moved by this house's quiet beauty!

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