Jul 21, 2011

On the Market: a touch of Grey...

 With a palette of greys to set off 
wonderfully textured timbers, 
this townhouse in leafy South Yarra
has a sultry elegant moodiness.
What I love is that the 
exterior belongs to 
the interior....

...in a disciplined palette of colour
and form which repeats whether outside or inside...

...so it allows the stunning artworks 
to take centre stage.
In fact, the building itself is an artwork.
So perhaps that is an artwork on an artwork?
Yes, very lovely.
And in a charming area of Melbourne,
with boutiques & trams just a stroll away, 
I could happily move on in.

Would you like to live here?

Property location: 26 Motherwell St South Yarra


  1. Hello Virginia:
    What appeals about this, and much imaginative, modern, domestic architecture is the use of natural materials and the way, as here, that there is little to suggest a physical division between the inside and the outside. Barriers are blurred which, we feel, works well with contemporary design.


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