Jul 9, 2011

On the Market: Sweeping Staircase in Sweden

white curved sweeping staircase,
big picture windows,
an abundance of light & lots of timber.
Lots to love in this charming house for sale
in Käringberget Sweden.
Built in 1966, 
with a curved deck to match the curved staircase,
this is a fun house for entertaining. 
But it's that staircase that has got me.
So simple and so lovely.
Combined with the herringbone floors
it's just gorgeous. 

Would you like to live here?

Property location: Långedrag - Käringberget
Images & Agent: Stadshem


  1. Wow, that house is amazing, I would totally live there :) I really like the outdoor porch. it's so cool


  2. You are right Virginia, the staircase is a great point of attraction...I love the house (even though the exterior exposed brick look doesn't entirely appeal to me I appreciate its originality -the round deck definitely gives it a positive twist and bonus point to appearance) the wall paper in the b&w bedroom is gorgeous and I love the floor in the foyer, very inspiring!
    Claudia xo

  3. Yes! Fabulous place. I love those floors too....k

  4. This house is fantastic, Virginia.
    Love that door, the wood is fabulous.
    Wish you a happy weekend.

  5. The staircase is fabulous but that BATHROOM! with the little stool... love love love!!

  6. Hello Virginia:
    The Swedes do, we feel, as a nation have great style. Certainly this 1960s house would support that.

  7. Hello lovelies!

    Oh no! First Casa Tres Chic and now here. I defenitly want to go modern Chic when I build my house seeing thees images. The house is smashing. Up til now I have been all Big old Villa-kinda girl but feel like I am drifting.....

    Thanks for commenting! We are so so happy living the country life in stead of city life. So much more freedom for the kids to play outside.

  8. Such a great house - not a huge fan of the exterior, but that floor and staircase, not to mention those windows make for a winning combination. Definitely captures the era it was built in!
    Sarah x

  9. It's a wonderful home. Love the staircase, too, but the shower is amazing!!

  10. Love the deck and the staircase is fabulous..a lovely weekend to you, Virginia..xx meenal

  11. Such a cute space!

    Have a great weekend, Alcira



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