Jul 4, 2011

On the Market: A Gardener's Retreat in the City

What happens when a brilliant landscape designer
places his mark on an old Victorian terrace house?

There is beautiful detail in every corner, 
that's what happens.

This is the home of landscape architect 
Rick Eckersley, from Eckersley Garden Architecture,
and it is currently on the market.

Despite being in an inner-city location, 
snuggled next to the bay,
this property has a sense
of a garden oasis in the city.

It's a beautiful retreat from the busy world outside.

Would you like to live here?

Property location: 2/368 Beaconsfield Pde, St Kilda West, Melbourne
Agents details.


  1. I certainly would Virginia, this home is perfect! I love the details, the colour scheme and the garden is very pretty
    Claudia xo

  2. Beauty in every corner
    I would live in that garden

  3. The garden is so beautiful! Love the wall of ivies, what a perfect retreat. When is the moving date, again?


  4. Funny .. I remember reading a mag recently where his home was included and loved it - now it's for sale. Hmmmm .. perhaps a move back to Melbourne is in order ???

  5. Would I like to live here?

    Um, yeah. Absolutely!

  6. I could definitely live here.

    Andrea x

  7. Oh yes please! This how is perfect! As is your blog! :)A delightful little slice of everything I love!

  8. I would love to live there Virginia, how cool are the walls covered in leaves. LOVELY
    A xx

  9. I could definitely live here - love all that ivy!

  10. Mel@Georgica Pond4/7/11 9:16 PM

    Wow - what a stunning looking home, very European. Great to see it's local.

  11. Since this is probably my dream home, right down to the Balinaise statue in the garden, I would say, thank you to whomever is willing to buy this for me. A big thank you....

  12. Ooh yes, I could liver here purely for those walls of ivy. They seem almost 'other wordly' and European. I would love to waste away a few hours out there with a book!


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