Jul 22, 2011

Latin Nights: a party to dance the night away

I was going through my old files & found this 
invitation that I designed for a friend for his birthday party.
{This is the front of the postcard.}
 And then I found all the 
lovely inspiration images 
that I had clipped. 
{All the sources are lost, sadly.}
Although I know this one is the famous logo 
from the Copacabana Club in NYC.
And this beautifully wistful dancer 
is also from the Copacabana Club. 
It captures another time, another place, 
in her expression & makeup,
don't you think?

Invitation design: blue fruit
Copacabana supper club
Other images: lost sources, but if you know, 
please let me know so I can credit.

1 comment:

  1. These illustrations are so gorgeous - simple and chic, with just a dash of colour. Just heavenly.


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