Jul 27, 2011

Juxtaposition: the fun of the unexpected...

Adding a surprise twist to an interior 
can give it a sense of playfulness.
Jumping, walking, busy figures 
perched across the splashback of this bathroom
provide a little humour for the user.
Taking an old brass bowl, 
florist Sarah Winward has filled it
with contrasting colours and ruffled shapes,
to create a surprising juxtaposition.
Which just works. 
Adapting a familiar form into an unexpected
use can make the viewer go "ahh".
These fab bowler hats are lights!
Brilliant to make a weary shopper smile,
but they would also be smashing over a dining table.
{From UK based French Bedroom Company.}
Illustrator Edwina White 
{what a gorgeous name!}
illustrates just how much fun can be had
with a little juxtaposition,
in "The Minimalist".
Talk about turning things on their head!

Images: 1: Walk this Way decal from Elly Nelly
2: Sarah Winward flowers
3/4: Bowler & Top Hat by Jeeves, French Bedroom Company 


  1. Jane and Lance Hattatt27/7/11 5:31 PM

    Hello Virginia:
    Absolutely superb. We cannot decide which we like best. All highly original, inventive, witty, and intelligent. Such creativity. Isn't it wonderful?

  2. Rachel {Da Paura}28/7/11 12:12 AM

    These are all so creative and fun!  I especially love the Sarah Winward one, it is so gorgeous and elegant while at the same time unexpected, creative and unique!  


  3. OMG, those bowler hats as lights are super whimsical! So unexpected and fun indeed! 

  4. à la parisienne28/7/11 7:51 AM

    Those top hat pendant lights are perfectly unexpected. I always enjoy visiting stores that are full of unexpected vignettes and displays.
    Great post!


  5. oh, loving that backsplash--how whimsical!

  6. Love that bathroom and those fabulous lights.
    You've done a great job, excellent selection.


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