Jul 2, 2011

I'm going to a party & I need to take Shortbread...

 These were the sweet words 
the tweenager mentioned yesterday. 
"Actually I told them you can make shortbread,"
he added. Sort of quietly.
A few hours before he needed it. 
So I pulled out the trusty Kenwood
and my grandmother's recipe,
and shortbread it was. 
It's a fail-safe recipe which my grandmother,
being Scottish, could make by heart.
And not surprisingly, 
there isn't a single bit left!

All images & recipe: blue fruit.


  1. I shall make it this weekend. I have the metric weights and scale, but no food processor - the hand mixer for me. A cuppa and a piece of shortbread will take my Scot over the moon.

  2. Ach, Virginia! Although my family is American the Scots are the strongest in my genes by far and it shows! :)

    Love this and will give it a go....


  3. They look yum!
    Always loved shortbread - must try your recipe
    Have a great w/end
    Claudia xo

  4. yummo!
    must try this weekend.
    thanks for the recipe!
    cheryl xox.

  5. This looks absolutely amazing Virginia - have printed the recipe and will be trying it out tomorrow!

    I absolutely agree with your comment, as soon as something slips up all the pretty things don't seem so important! It's a nice reminder to what is really most important.
    x Sarah

  6. yuuuummmmmm.
    suprisingly, this is the first weekend in a very long time I am not baking/making/creating anything. kinda restful.

    have a great weekend Mrs Blue (-:

  7. I love how baking requests are always such short notice but also how you always managed to come through for them. Your kids will remember that whenever possible you always came through for them. My niece still talks about announcing at bed time that she needed a lasagne to take to school the next day (which somehow got made). Good for you - you are a great mom!


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