Jul 23, 2011

How to look Glamourous on a Budget? Try a dash of Shoestring Chic!

Well you know how much I love Kerrie Hess's
brilliant illustrations from an earlier post.
Her style is immediately appealing. 
It's fresh and zesty - as if it captures a swift moment in time.
And are the illustrations stylish?
Oh yes, very. 
Elegance is embodied in every stroke and colour-splash.
While her characters sport a carefree glamour. 
So it's no great surprise that her latest book,
Shoe String Chic,
is well, chic itself.
It's a collection of ideas of how to achieve
an individual, stylish look for oneself, 
without breaking self-imposed budgets. 
Including the what and how  
of where to go to find the best vintage fashion,
& how to re-love your existing wardrobe with 
a fresh eye. 
This reminds me of a great quote by Laura Poole,
that being chic is "being comfortable in your own clothes,
...always looking natural and confident, 
being yourself, nothing forced".
It's a dash of vintage, and a dash of new;
a little high end luxury and a little high street re-interpretation,
that makes for truly chic, individual style. 

And Kerrie Hess's illustrations have that in spades! 

Shoestring Chic by Kerrie Hess,
available in Australia here and US here.
All images from the book,
courtesy of Kerrie Hess

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  1. Thank-you for this post. Definitely will add this book to my collection. Did Kerrie Hess do the illustrations for .... umm, I think that it was Harvey Norman? I fell in love with the catalogue.... I also saw similar images on a horoscope. Now I REALLY want more information! Clicking the link now. :)
    Nadine - elecat creations


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