Jul 19, 2011

Dramatic Fragility: Australian House of the Year winner

Recently winning the Australian House of the Year,
this beautiful homestead by architect Virginia Kerridge
plays with simple materials
and soaring roof lines, 
to match the fragile, yet dramatic, 
beauty of the rugged mountain bush around it.
There is a lot of cleverness to it, 
but what I love most is this screened porch, 
a modern interpretation of an old refuge device,
to protect against insects in the height of summer heat.
As beautiful from the exterior 
as it is from the inside, 
the lofty space is clad with fine bronzed metal screening,
to create a year-round space for living. 
The original farm buildings were incorporated
into the extended wings, 
contrasting the old and new. 
Materials were kept restrained in their selections, 
with an emphasis on natural timber species
growing in the adjacent bush.
Beautiful detailing on these recycled Ironbark timber walls
create the effect of shadow boxes.
She has delicately balanced the 
precarious duo of beauty & drama,
so inherent in the Australian bush itself. 
It's a fine example of a contemporary
twist of the country homestead vernacular.

Do you like it?  

House in Country NSW
Architecture: Virginia Kerridge
Photography: Marcel Aucar


Oh, and in other news 
from these Houses awards...
 Winners were announced yesterday.
In case you missed them, 
earlier posts on a couple of the winning entrants...
Outdoors Winner: the hauntingly beautiful 
Garden of Ghosts by Terragram
House Alterations (under 200m2) Winner:
  The Shed by Richard Peters

Well deserved to all of them!
There were some outstanding entries this year.


  1. I love it, love the choice and use of materials, the roof lines and the unpretentious beauty of the house. It fits in beautifully with its spectacular surroundings which to me is confirmation that modern architecture and long established landscape can happily coexist and still maintain their beauty and integrity. We are very lucky to have such talented architects in this country...a well deserved winner :)
    Thanks for sharing Virginia
    Claudia xo

  2. i love, love the Kerridge house. and, i agree with Claudia when she talked about the "unpretentious beauty"!

    now pop on over for my art giveaway

  3. Yep, Claudia nailed it with her "unpretentious beauty" observation. That's it and a bit.

  4. Very, very cool.
    Spare, sculptural, earthy.
    Cheers, Alcira


  5. Yes, love her work so thanks for posting this. I think she did the Huka Lodge here in NZ...very talented woman. Annie x.

  6. Did she Annie? I didn't know that. I love the Huka Lodge but I didn't know who designed it. Now its beauty is explained! Thanks Annie!


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