Jul 6, 2011

Delectable Duet: Macarons + Mini Coopers! What?

What do macarons & Mini Cooper cars 
have in common?
Well, each other,
as it turns out. 
Spotted driving about town last week, 
was this crazy macaron-decorated car.
The "miniron" was covered in 3000 macarons of 
various delectable flavours,
 hand-piped by Le Petit Gateau's
pastry chef Pierrick Boyer.
Why? Do you ask?
Well, it was a bit of fun by a bunch of Melbourne
food bloggers & Melbourne Macaron volunteers 
to celebrate 
the deliciousness of macarons. 
It certainly created a buzz, 
which was the entire intention. 

And it certainly makes an insane but lovable
Delectable Duet! 

Images: Last: Food Designer
All others: Melbourne Macaron
photography by Casamentro Photography + Woodrow Wilson


  1. Created a buzz!!
    I'm amazed there weren't crazy-hungry-for-some-macaron-lovers chasing this car down St Kilda Rd. I would have (-:

  2. Ah Linda I can picture you and your beautiful umbrellas chasing after this car down St Kilda Rd....what a great colourful sight that would have been!

  3. This looks pretty neat, but am I the only one who thinks this is a dispicable waste of macarons?? :)

  4. Wow, that is so fun. How easy were they to remove afterwards I wonder.

  5. Carol, I imagine that the icing would have made them just wash away with straight water - would have been a big mess I guess!

    And Interior Groupie, yes I was left thinking how delicious it would have been to have eaten them instead - not sure who would want to eat them afterwards!

  6. Hello Virginia:
    We love it! Best of all we love it for being such a fun, original and highly imaginative idea and, as a publicity stunt, for the undoubted way in which it has caught the attention of the public whilst remaining entirely wholesome. Superb!!

  7. Hi Jane & Lance,

    yes and the lovely thing is that they weren't even flogging a brand either. The whole thing was intended to "create a buzz about macarons", and so received its funding from a think tank who support innovative ideas.

  8. So pretty and graceful after I had posted a Big Mac today! You always have the most beautiful images and I so enjoy taking them in - thank you. Also so loved the shortbread post. Yep, I get that and see my future! Annie x.

  9. Now there's a reason for a dog to chase a car!

  10. You have to smile....so good for us all!

  11. I've never wanted to eat a car before, this is a first!! That second photo of macaroons looks like mini burgers!

  12. Believe it or not,,i've never had a macaroon before. Ever. ? I feel like I'm missing something, now i really must try one...

  13. That's crazy! And delicious! I can almost taste them now... one of my favorite treats :)


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