Jul 14, 2011

Beautiful Stationery: Bespoke Letterpress

Fallen in love with these enchanting
embossed hello cards & matching map envelopes
The envelopes are hand made from vintage maps,
with the sweetest little scalloped edge.
Printed on a vintage cast iron 
letterpress in Brisbane, 
you can order these thick card Hello Notes online,
and they ship globally.
{$25 for 6, including the gorgeous envelopes.}  
In an age of electronic social media, 
how charming is it to receive a hand written, 
unique note such as this?
They also hand print invitations,
cards & gift tags,
all with an air of historical allure.
I love the delicate nature of their work,
because it has such an inherent romance.

And we can all do with a little more romance,
don't you think?


  1. so sweet. love the maps !!!

  2. All lovely, and those ones with maps are gorgeous.

  3. Thank you for introducing me to this beautiful stationary...it's so lovely, I want some right now!
    Claudia xo

  4. These are gorgeous. I love a handwritten note or card that is handmade. Just lovely. Leahx

  5. I love letterpress stationery, and these are so sweet - love the scallop detail on the map envelope. You're so right, receiving some real mail is such a treat!

  6. Gorgeous Stationary! There's something very special about receiving a hand written note in the letter box.

  7. are precious, it's great ancient techniques to recover!

  8. Gorgeous and makes me want to send a letter!


  9. really nice.
    i like the map theme.

  10. I love letterpress stationery, it's my absolute favourite. And these are divine. I think some beautiful, simple personalised letterpress stationery is a must for every girl, and the epitome of elegance and style!

  11. I absolutely love stationary, sending and receiving handwritten notes. With e-mail and text messaging, traditional mailed letters are increasingly rare, aren't they? As a budget measure, I xerox one of my sketches on cardstock and send as a very personal note.


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