Jul 11, 2011

Baby it's Cold Outside!

Spotted in the window of Wheel & Barrow 
at Armadale this morning,
was this gorgeous sign.
And their shop window display gave the 
same wonderful feeling of cosy warmth too! 
Ok, I know you lot in the Top Half of the world
are busy enjoying this weather instead...
But down here, 
in the Bottom Half of the world, 
Baby it's cold outside!

Images: 1/2: blue fruit


  1. oh Virginia .. it is SO cold. we got back from Qld last night to freezing melbourne weather - and now, would you believe, i have yet another cold (about my 4th so far this year). i wish I was back in sunny Queensland (-:

  2. Hi Linda, yes the contrast is a bit bleak! Although I adore summer, I also love winter too for its cosiness and dramatic weather. Fine excuse to snuggle up by a fire with a glass of good red and a great book.

  3. My niece lives in Houston Texas where they have two seasons, hot and hotter and I know she misses winter. I love summer but I also love winter. Sweaters, hot drinks, snow, skiing, friends and family around the fireplace - not that I'm ready for it yet, but I will be in a few months. Stay warm!

  4. Hello Virginia:
    It really is difficult to imagine as we face another week where, we are informed, the temperature will rise close to 40C.

    Keep warm and cheerful. Your turn will come!

  5. Love the images! Keep warm and before you know it, winter will be over! :)

    Have a wonderful week!


  6. ummmm - shopping on a Monday morning...??
    Just jealous, thats all! KGx

  7. Hi Kelly....I better clarify!

    I was in Armadale to pick up fabric from my suppliers for the House with the Stripes project, which is just up the road from this shop.

    Very sadly, I didn't have time to actually go INTO this shop, but I did love the signage, so I stopped to photograph it.

    Virginia x

  8. Hi Virginia, I decided to take my youngest to Taronga zoo - I thought it's always nice and warm at the zoo...and the sky was such a beautiful clear blue...- but guess what? The miracle did not happen and it was freezing (we had to walk around a lot to get to get to a "non freezing" body temperature...!!! A tea break helped!) It was a lovely day in Sydney though and it was all good in the end!

    Love the sign in the window and love the look of the platter too. Lovely post!

    Claudia xo

  9. In Dubai it would have to say "cooler inside". The temp here is 42C (108F)!

  10. Sending a little of our NC 95 degree weather your way!! Warm hugs ~

  11. Minnesota was near 100 yesterday, last week, today, tomorrow... Could use a nice cool wind about now!


  12. oh its just staring to warm up nicely here in blighty. Love the images

  13. Well it's supposed to be summer here in Vancouver but it feels more like a very long spring. Stay warm! I love that sign. Very clever shop owner.

  14. Its a bit of a heat wave in Toronto right now. In either extreme we will always complain, and seek comfort indoors! Sending warm sunny vibes your way. : )

  15. It's summer in the city, so we are escaping in doors to cool down. Lovely plates!


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