Jul 29, 2011

Quiet Monochrome: Mindaneo Court by Design of Wonder

With a restricted palette of monochrome,
and a fabulous use of texture, 
this Edwardian home has been extended 
& reworked to create a sense of calm and quiet.
Beautiful detailing - the result of considered thinking.
It's the work of the young Melbourne design team,
and it was their first commission.
Their first??? 
I just wonder where they will go from here! 

Mindaneo Court by Design of Wonder 
With thanks to Design Files for introducing this brilliant new studio
Photography: Paul Barbera

Jul 28, 2011

PM24: A Good Restaurant? It's all about the service!

What makes a restaurant experience really fabulous?
Is it superlative food?
Yes, that's certainly part of it.
Is it a beautiful interior?
With clever design and thoughtful attention to detail?
Perhaps it is the warm ambience that 
comes from happy diners laughing & sharing good food?
I think all of these things make for a good 
restaurant experience. 
But what takes it up a notch
is the service
When it's bad, we don't return.
But when it's good - oh my - can't wait to go back!
Last night my husband & I were strolling down
Russell Street, 
feeling ravenous after enjoying one of the State of Design 
events of the evening,
when we popped into the (newish) PM24.
On a freezing Wednesday night, 
the restaurant was packed to the brim. 
Under the watchful eye of Philippe Mouchel,
busy in the open kitchen,
the service was beyond expectations. 
Our staff were witty, informative,
quick to observe & happy to chat.
They knew when to appear,
and when to gently withdraw.
And when we protested that were so 
full from the delicious food 
(mussels in white wine & cream fraiche for me/
roasted pork for my husband/
with caramelised Brussels sprouts...mmm!),
our waitress produced the most extraordinary
fresh strawberry marshmallow to go with our bill. 
And the final delicious touch?
On departure, she handed us 
a little packet of house-made chocolate nougat,
to warm ourselves in the chill evening air.
It's a clever idea.
Because a sense of over-delivery on expectations
is always a good thing in a restaurant. 
After all, isn't that why we go back?

PM24: 24 Russell St Melbourne
Images: (1/15)blue fruit + (others) PM24

Jul 27, 2011

Juxtaposition: the fun of the unexpected...

Adding a surprise twist to an interior 
can give it a sense of playfulness.
Jumping, walking, busy figures 
perched across the splashback of this bathroom
provide a little humour for the user.
Taking an old brass bowl, 
florist Sarah Winward has filled it
with contrasting colours and ruffled shapes,
to create a surprising juxtaposition.
Which just works. 
Adapting a familiar form into an unexpected
use can make the viewer go "ahh".
These fab bowler hats are lights!
Brilliant to make a weary shopper smile,
but they would also be smashing over a dining table.
{From UK based French Bedroom Company.}
Illustrator Edwina White 
{what a gorgeous name!}
illustrates just how much fun can be had
with a little juxtaposition,
in "The Minimalist".
Talk about turning things on their head!

Images: 1: Walk this Way decal from Elly Nelly
2: Sarah Winward flowers
3/4: Bowler & Top Hat by Jeeves, French Bedroom Company 

Jul 26, 2011

Something Pretty: Feathered Headbands

 Rather enchanted with these delicate 
feathered & beribboned headbands
from UK based Pearl & Ivy.
You can use them to tuck your hair up 
in deliciously Edwardian swirls,
using these charming instructions from their 
adorable website.
Or simply as a headband, 
Art Deco style.
Reminds me of another clever designer, 
Brooke Howsley from Pollen Floral Art,
who can also master this 
free-flowing rambling style.
Just stunning, aren't they?

Feathered Headbands: Pearl & Ivy
All flowers: Cross Pollination by Brooke Howsley
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