Jun 24, 2011

You Have to See This: Bonnie + Neil homewears

How gorgeous is this hand printed timber side table?
It's a stunning piece by Bonnie & Neil homewears.
{I'm a bit keen on the orange chevron blanket too!}
To see more of their beautiful collection, 
and a fascinating interview about them, 
jump across to the fabulous Design Files.

It's beautiful stuff! 

Images: Design Files


  1. Thanks for stopping by Spiral Style. Love your blog. I was in Melbourne last July and had a fantastic time. Will be back in 2012.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I love that chevron blanket!!!!

  3. oh i love that side table hon! thanks for dropping by by the way.. anyway i think ill draw myself a table too! :) kisses love!


  4. love it love it love it...can't get enough of it...a stunning collection indeed
    Claudia xo

  5. Hello Virginia:
    The 'timber' sided table is highly original and would certainly make for a 'fun' piece of furniture in the right setting. The cushions are really attractive - we could very easily 'place' them all!

    Have a very enjoyable weekend.

  6. Oh really beautiful design, love the side table and the bed cove, you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  7. Hi Virginia,
    How strange! I was thinking of Bonnie + Neil's bird designs today. I'm crazy about them!
    Have a glorious weekend,

  8. Hello Virginia, I love all of this collection, but nearly died when I saw the parrot pillows - wow.
    The pictures on my blog, - as you asked- are from Kastellet - just up the road from where we live in Copenhagen. -The most amazing place :)
    Have a great weekend.
    A xx

  9. Oh wow..LOVE that side table ..so very clever! Thanks for the heads up lovely x

  10. What a clever idea for a side table! It looks fantastic, too! And the pillows are so pretty.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Great blog, by the way. Now following!


  11. Beautiful post, but that side table is gorgeous, love it!
    Wish you a happy weekend.

  12. I love that whole bedroom setting, the orange and the turquoise in the pillows and those flowers.... simply stunning. xx Have a lovely weekend.

  13. Gorgeous pillows! I love the cockatoo ones and wish I would have time to buy some before I head off to Sweden!

    Hope you are well my friend and that Melbourne is treating you to the same amazing weather as we have here!

    Hugs from the North.

    xx C

  14. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than pictures are worth 10 thousands great ideas of where to put them!! Love it :) XO, Kelly

  15. That hand printed timber side table is gorgeous. Blanket reminds me from childhood in 70's and Marimekko, that pattern reminds Marimekko's patterns.

  16. they are doing great stuff, aren't they! as a sand grope, particularly love their black cocky images.


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