Jun 17, 2011

Work With What You Got!

 One of my architectural mantras is
"Always work with what you have got".
It's the starting point for any of my design work.

And this property showcases that 
philosophy to perfection.
It's the home of the dynamic design duo,
Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Çağlar.

They are the directors of 
the Autoban studio in Istanbul.

In their own home, 
they have worked with the existing brick walls
and sash windows, 
using a scale which highlights the 
beauty & drama of the space.

The contrast between the imperfect bricks
& the other glossy finishes create 
pure magic and dynamism.

A perfect personification of 
working with what you got. 

Images:  vartnya hem 


  1. LOVE the glossy, dark timber floors, particularly in the first shot against the white trim and brickwork. Love your mantra too. So much more rewarding working with 'what is' as against ripping out and putting in what's 'in' today. Annie x.

  2. what a fabulous apartment..love the juxtaposition of exposed bricks with elaborate crown molding..never seen that before..and the dark floor in the first image is just stunning!! have a lovely day, virginia..xx meenal

  3. I absolutely love brick walls, the hallway in the first image is stunning.
    Thanks for sharing this gorgeous pics, I already saved all these images in my computer.
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. Crazy contrast and an inspiring mantra! You'll pull me over to modern yet, Virginia!

    Thank you again for the lovely comment chez moi. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I love the bathroom & dining room gorgeous, but its all very stunning. Love the whole exposed brick look its so raw.

  6. "work with what you've got"....love love! ;) so glad you stopped by Style Studio and left a comment so I could find Blue Fruit Design!Tanya


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