Jun 7, 2011

White, Wonderful White

Do you remember my house on the hill project?
We have decided it will be 
a white house, 
with lots of over-scaled timber posts, 
charcoal windows
& richly coloured stone foundations.
So I am on the hunt for white images, 
to get me in the right frame of mind.
This beautiful bowl,
has been made by pressing a lace doiley
into the wet clay before firing.
Isn't it stunning? 
And the rustic timber backdrop 
makes the glossy whiteness extra lovely.
White interiors are forever a favourite,
especially with the addition of some rustic timbers.
This house is in Ibiza, 
and is currently for sale.
The trick with white, 
I reckon, 
is to add texture.
Like this glamorous top 
from 3fish.
Ok, so not strictly entirely all white,
but this bathroom still fits the white mood.
Utterly, classically timeless.
In a more restrained mode,
used different tones of white 
to create a simple & calm bathroom.
White works so well in winter spaces. 
This is the Frangos Hotel at Daylesford,
a charming town just outside of Melbourne.
And what could embody the 
essence of summer more 
than this elegant white bedroom, 
also from the Ibiza house?

Yep, that's got me in the mood for white!
How about you?

Images: 1:  Durbach Block Jaggers
3 Leeloo Lace Ceramic Plate $20 
5: 3Fish Melissa dress $245


  1. Beautiful white.... always so uplifting to see white! And I gotta check out that hotel in Daylesford, looks charming. xx

  2. Nothing like white to add a clean, serene feel to any space...gorgeous!!

  3. I love white, and all of these items are amazing! That first bathroom is my favourite...wow it's gorgeous!


  4. White. I love the white. I wish I could have white but instead I have dog hair and paw prints, boys and country dust. I will have to be satisfied by looking at your designs and pictures and dreaming that maybe one day......

  5. Virginia, what would I do without you to keep me in the modern? I love all you post! All of it!

  6. oh, i love the combo of clean white with a bit of rustic/natural elements to balance.

  7. I love the simple aesthetic of white, it just evokes purity.

  8. I love your vision and your direction! Esp the part about the wood thrown in there :) I just painted my foyer white last month and I love it! XO, Kelly

  9. Summertime always makes me think of white (also paired with pops of bright color). Adore the white tunic top!

    Art by Karena

    Be sure to send your friends to come and enter my amazing Giveaway from Tracy Porter!

  10. I am always in the mood for white! To me its the most exciting of all colours, i will never ever tire of it.


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