Jun 22, 2011

When Pictures Speak Louder than Words: New Marcio Kogan

I am so bowled over by this stunning new project 
from the Marcio Kogan team in Brazil, 
that I am almost lost for words.
The brief was to create a low-budget,
quickly-built retail space in Sao Paulo
for the Decameron design group.
 So the architects envisaged
stacking & playing with 
colourful boxes,
in this case shipping containers. 
Which are linked together via 
over-scaled sliding polycarbonate doors.
And all grouped around a dramatic 
gravel-terrace garden of palms.

An utterly dynamic outcome,
and one where the pictures tell the story. 
As all good architecture should.

Do you like it?

Project: Decameron
Architecture Co-Author: Mariana Simas/ Oswaldo Pessano
Interior Design: Diana Radomysler/ Mariana Simas

Photography: Pedro Vannucchi


  1. Like it .. LOVE it.
    From the colours, to the swivel door (and accompanying hippo doormat) .. to the gravel courtyard and the funky sofas .. great find Virginia (-:

  2. Hi Virginia
    So great to have found your blog - and thanks for following mine. I've become hopelessly addicted to blogs and getting so much inspiration from the big wide world out there!

    These shipping containers look AMAZING!! Oh what can be done with something so humble.....

  3. I love it, it's such a fantastic concept...so interesting, innovative, wonderful and inspirational...just what architecture should be :)
    Claudia xo

  4. oh my gosh, i can not show my husband this. He will have me living in a container for the rest of my life. It's his dream- and this makes it look semi appealing!

    I have not yet heard from these house sighn/number people? should i chase them up?


  5. Hi Emily,

    I will chase them up for you.

    Cheerio, Virginia

  6. I can't believe my eyes! I was just looking at this elsewhere today and drooling over the colours, the materials, the openness and here i am getting to experience it all over again! Love, love!! XX

  7. Hello Virginia:
    To answer your question, yes, we like it enormously! The colour, the vibrancy, the scale, are all amazingly good as is, of course, the original concept.


  8. I would so LOVE to be this bold with colour in the home! I like to wear colouful clothes but am nervous about it on my walls ... weird. These are very beautiful photos and I really love the dog shaped door mat!!

  9. ciao, the title is perfect!

    I'll sign as follower ......on my blog you'll find a nice GIVEAWAY .

    i hope you'll will join


  10. Love this! So vibrant. Especially liking the terrace with the palm trees :) Abbey x

  11. Love this! The awesome use of colour put the biggest smile on my dial :D

    Xxx Cath

  12. Brilliant idea nd execution!! thanks for sharing, virginia..have a lovely day..xx meenal

  13. Marcio Kogan is one the most fantastic architects we have here.
    The images are perfect, this project is so creative and dinamic and all those colors togeter, so vibrant.
    Wish you a special day!

  14. Well,hm, after reading the comments I am less inclined to thinking that the photographer is making this look really better than the reality of it is. And to top it off, you have the amazing Jane and Lance on your blog. Sigh. How wonderful they (and so many in the blogshpere, are).


  15. I have seen the shipping container homes before but none as spectacular and vibrant as these colors - wonderful.

  16. crazy!!
    i used the chandelier in a brilliant dr's home over the staircase in ft. lauderdale.
    i haven't seen it anywhere else.
    all i do remember is that it came from italy....
    and took forever!!

    cool post xxx

  17. very innovative and colour is striking.

  18. WOW, incredibly innovative. Love how they upcycled!

  19. I find this one the most beautiful places I've ever seen. Such color is so rare. I'm wondering now if I could get a container to use as a country place. Which reminds me, did you ever see the WoI article about a man who extended his library at his country house by converting a container in his garden?

  20. I love it and specially bold colors in containers. I really could live there:)

  21. This is the most fabulous thing I have ever seen!! I would love my home to be like this. The colors, textures, everything is perfect!

  22. Hi Blue Fruit!

    Thank you for following my blog, your comments always inspire me to post :)

    These images are just incredible. I love seeing new ways of recycling incorporated in to design. The way they have transformed shipping containers in to a modern home is so innovative and clever. I absolutely love it.

    Great Post!

    La Treehouse x


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