Jun 14, 2011

What a Cheeky Monkey....

I love the rise and rise of fresh & personable graphic design
companies that seem to be springing up everywhere.
This gorgeous Sailor Monkey card
is by the uber-talented Charlotte Swiden.
Originally from Sweden, but now living in Melbourne,
Charlotte has a delightfully colourful style. 
Her bright & cheekily happy designs can be found
on mugs, tea towels, coasters & chopping boards.
A colourful chopping board?
Yeah, why not! Sounds fun!
The pear mug. ($25) It has a 1950s vibe to it.
The coasters. ($35)
All of these designs are available online
She ships all over the world. 

Aren't they a happy splash of cheeky colour
to bring to the everyday?


  1. beautiful, you can really see the sweedish influence. very crisp and fresh!

  2. what delicious looking designs. Thanks for sharing! I found you via B is building a house :) Have a lovely day. Fee x

  3. what fun designs! sure to make you smile :)

  4. Great finds!! That card is so cute.

  5. love her designs, the colours are so fresh and fun, they are great
    Claudia xo

  6. OMG! I love this stuff - Bright, graphic, fun, sunny. Lovely! Thanks for the link, I find myself NEEDING one of those cutting boards.
    PS. You follow me so it seems only fair I follow you :)

  7. Oohh those coasters are so fun :)

  8. Love her colorful and fun designs.
    Glad to know she ships all over the world.
    Big hugs to you.


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