Jun 27, 2011

Walking down the Garden Path

Monday, Monday, how does it come around so fast?
A thousand things to do, 
but first thoughts can wander to 
skipping down beautiful garden paths.
And perhaps finding, 
at the end of the garden path,
the perfect tea party.

5: house for sale.  Tea party: Sweetapolita


  1. love the first pic. just gorgeous!
    cheryl xox.

  2. That cake with the tea cup on top is just precious!

  3. What a gorgeous tea party! I love the color palate used for all those fabulous sweets!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad you enjoyed the rustic pencil holder!

  4. Hello Virginia:
    There is nothing so inviting in a garden than a path which leads one on and draws one in to explore further. These images are so delightful and if only there was such a stylish afternoon tea at the end of every garden path!

  5. Hi Virginia,
    a great post - as always - can I just say...I am completely obsessed with your blog at the moment (and gosh do I sound like a teen-ager or what? he he!)
    Thanks for the inspiration :)
    Claudia xo

  6. I was just thinking the same thing - how is it Monday already, and where did my weekend go? this is a lovely way to start the week though :)

  7. Those cakes in those gardens would be my idea of heaven :D

  8. Thank you everybody for the bright and happy comments!

    And Claudia - I am absolutely HUMBLED by your words - wow! Especially coming from such a stylish creative as yourself!

    Virginia x

  9. oh what a cute tea party

  10. Hi Viginia,
    Maybe there is a white rabbit to chase. Those images remind me of Alice in Wonderland (the movie by Tim Burton)

  11. That would be perfect wouldn't it? ... A lovely tea party....xv

  12. Virginia, wouldn't it be lovely to meet up for a tea party like that?

    Your posts have been even more amazing than usual lately!

    Bises from too far away,

  13. the weekends are always too short...however, you've made monday a whole lot better with this heavenly post:-). thank you! xx


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