Jun 20, 2011

Vintage Fashion: oh the elegance!

Yesterday there was an amazing auction 
of vintage fashion at Leonard Joel.
So who better to set our mood for these lovely items
than that photographer of style, 
Henry Clarke?

This cocktail dress originally 
came with a matching coat. 
Of course. Doesn't every dress?
Henry Clarke was an American fashion photographer,
working for Conde Nast through the 50s & 60s.
A wool & ocelot coat.
Sadly, I suspect real ocelot, not faux. 
How times have changed,
which is good for the ocelots.
There is a fabulous lustre to the ivory wool.
Ah, what a deliciously elegant way to 
start the working week!
{Of course, for me that means NOT looking like this, 
but pulling on work boots to walk around a muddy site,
but one can dream....}

Images: Henry Clarke 1  3  Others
Auction items: Leonard Joel


  1. Hi Virginia,
    Love a bit of glamour on a Monday.
    I know what you mean about muddy
    work sites, my lovely shoes end up
    with clay mud on them sooner or later. Our glam interior designer world collides with muddy job sites and butt crack showing tradesmen.
    Have a great week!

    Sarah W

  2. oh so glam! I love the last image!!! thanks for sharing!
    xo Allison

    Spicer + Bank

  3. Oh Virginia, you are SUCH a girl after my own heart. This made an otherwise ho-hum Monday morning. The glamour! That Dior? So rare. Someone must have paid a pretty penny for it.

    And I love Henry Clarke's women. They were always so self-assured, not always the case in fashion photography of the period. Don't you want to be them? I do!

    Speaking of (and I know that this is a long response), I asked my friend Sonny, who is 75, if it was really that glamorous then and she didn't miss a beat and said "Of course it was!". Sigh.

    Have a great week Virginia--how is the striped house coming along?

  4. Hi Heather,

    I love long responses!

    Striped house looking super de duper, thank you. Clients very excited and chomping at the bit to move in, which means there will be mud everywhere at the moment! We are busy purchasing furniture for it all now. So I better do an update on progress for you this week.

    And oh yes, I want to be one of those self-assured 50s glamourous women in the images very much too! Did we miss our timeline, do you think?

    Virginia x

  5. Heh Virginia .. love the way you integrate fashion and interiors into your blog. I bet even in your muddy boots you are super stylish!!

    The 'Morocco' design is most definately too boring for your bright designer eyes - but check tomorrow for the yellow 'Resort' - might be more to your liking.

    Oh, did you watch it .. the Block .. did you watch it too. Even my boys sat with me .. we picked which team we wanted to win, we watched them do their 'thing' and thought we had picked who would win .. oh I love my boys (-:

    ps. my 5yo thought they should have put a disco ball in .. LOL

  6. Hi Virginia, I'm with you..vintage glamor all the way! It is just so stunning...she says sitting in her tracky dacks and slippers :) Thanks for following my blog and entering my giveaway, looking forward to following you, some of those interiors you have posted...WOW gorgeous!
    Suzie xx

  7. I love the hats. Such elegance and grace and expression of personality. 1970 Leonard Fashion Paris - stunning.

  8. Fashion right now is in such a sorry state that is wonderful to see some of the glories of yesterday. Your choices are all very lovely. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  9. Hello Virginia:
    Those were the days...evenings...nights!!!

    Such glamour, such elegance, such style. Henry Clarke's images are absolutely wonderful and capture the spirit of the age in addition to the beauty of the models and the design of the clothes.

    And, until you shattered our illusions, we thought that the final image was of you catching the tube to work on just another dress down Monday morning.....!!

    We have so enjoyed this post and reading back through your most interesting and eclectic blog. We have found you via Heather's delightful blog and will hope to welcome you to our own at some point.

  10. Oh how I wish we still dressed like this - and jeans were never invented!


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