Jun 30, 2011

On the Market: Purple Penthouse

Up for sale is this rather extraordinary
penthouse in leafy Camberwell, Melbourne.
With architecture by Wood Marsh,
it's certainly eye-catching.
I have always fancied the idea of living in a penthouse.
Especially a glass one.
Would you like to live here?

Property: Aerial, Camberwell, Melbourne


  1. Oh Y.E.S! Love the decor and the view. Am going to google for more pics!

  2. would i like to live there???? I WOULD LOVE TO LIVE AND DIE in a glass penthouse overlooking everything 360degrees!!!! WOULD I EVER!!!

    i love this post!


  3. i would definitely go for the glass place.
    i might have to redecorate ...
    but i would give it a go.


  4. Who in the right mind would not love to stay in such beautiful penthouse with such awesome views and amazing floor to ceiling windows?

    I would, if I have the funds! :)


  5. i just moved to melbourne and i have been on the hunt for apartments and i would def live here!!

    love your blog- new follower...follow me too?

  6. Hello Virginia:
    A wonderful apartment but probably not for us as we are not too keen on heights, and nor are lifts our favourite things.

    We have friends in London who have a penthouse which is marvellous, but as they are so high everything below is so small that all of the detail, in our opinion, is lost. Very good for skyscapes!

  7. Hi Virginia!

    Thanks for the lovely comment! I was living in Melbourne last year and moved home (USA) for a few months and now im back! getting my masters degree :)

  8. I love that magenta room! But only to visit - I am not an orderly person and it wouldn't look good on me but I think it is wonderful.


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