Jun 28, 2011

Moody Drama & Folded Lines: Law St House

When architecture plays with 
light and shadow
through folded lines of junctions,
a seductive moody drama results.

 This is the Law St House,
designed & lived in
by husband + wife architectural team
Bruno Mendes & Amy Muir.
 The rear is a double story 
of folded steel.
Squeezed into a tiny space 
between existing 19th century cottages,
the new street facade is a sheet of steel plate,
with a drawbridge window.
There is something about this house
which reminds me of Marc Martin's 
wonderfully moody illustrations 
from his book of Exotic Animals.

The flat facade, 
which pops open to reveal shafts of light,
is a perfect example of the beauty of architectural moody drama.

Do you like it?

Law St House. Architects: Muir Mendes
Photography: Peter Bennetts
Illustrations: Marc Martin


  1. I remember seeing this house in a recent mag and L.oved the exterior. But now .. with these piccies .. I've turned my love inwards. I could sit in this house all day and watch the sun peek in through all those angled windows and amuse myself silly.


  2. I am in love with the architecture and shaft of lights in these homes. I am often fascinated with wonderful features like these. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Hello Virginia:
    This, in our view, is modern domestic architecture at its best. Who could not love it with its clean lines, shafts of light everywhere, and, interestingly, deceptive apparent simplicity? And your juxtaposition of the illustrations from the children's book makes for such wonderful connections.

  4. Hi Virginia! I do love the house very much. It is so well executed - and I'm such a fan of natural light manipulation. I'd love to see pics taken at other times of the day too!
    P.S Welcome to my Blog! I'm not sure where it's headed but it is reassuring to know that somebody saw some potential!? kl

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Thank you Virginia!

  6. Beautiful sleek house. I am curious - the photo of the bedroom- is that a window at floor level or is it a framed photo? I'm hoping it is a window.

  7. I love the relation you have created here between the illustrations and the architecture, a very fascinating point...I'm intrigued by the "exotic animals" book, it looks great - thanks for sharing
    Claudia xo


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