Jun 25, 2011

Lunch at Chez Dré

After my post about the new Chez Dré 
bakery cafe design earlier this week, 
we thought it may be the perfect
spot for Saturday lunch with our 2 sons.
I just had to see that red stenciled floor!
It didn't disappoint. 
The red floor was beautiful.
Loved the amber glass water bottles, 
which came accompanied by enamel tin mugs.
And the tables made from reclaimed timber 
are colourfully eccentric.
 But the food....oh my.
I had the most buttery, perfectly delicate
brie quiche piled with fresh rocket.
The boys had Moroccan spiced baked eggs.
Then just a little pastry or two for dessert.
Chocolate ganache tart for the teenager.
Chocolate eclair for the tweenager.
Macaroons for my husband.
But for moi?
A to-die-for lemon meringue tart.

If you live ANYWHERE in Melbourne,
or are visiting,
you absolutely have to try Chez Dré.
Great fitout.
Gorgeous service.
Lighter than possible pastry.

And as the tweenager said,
"That is the best eclair I have ever had.
Can this become our local?"

Images: taken by blue fruit at Chez Dré


  1. Hello Virginia:
    Just as soon as we have written this we shall be heading to the airport to be on the next flight to Melbourne. Expect us in around 27 hours.

    What absolutely wonderful food. We agree with your son. Make it your local. After all, why not?

  2. Hi Jane and Lance, how delightful - I wish you truly were hopping over - it would be lots of fun!

    Yes, well everybody needs a local eclair spot in my book too!

  3. So nice to know your Teen and Tween are still okay with just 'hanging out' with Mum and Dad!

  4. Oh wow Virginia, my mouth is watering...thank you so much for posting about this amazing cafe'...we are planning a trip to Melbourne - for the school hls - and it will be with great pleasure (and a grin on my face) that I will suggest we stop by Chez Dre' for lunch one day - can't wait now!
    By the way lemon meringue tart is my favourite dessert!
    Claudia xo

  5. I've been away for only two weeks and you have posted so many amazing posts! I must go to this place. It looks gorgeous. These desserts have defined true indulgence.

  6. I would kill to have a great local place like that!! Yum!

    Hope you had a great Saturday, Virginia!

  7. Oh wow - that pastry looks amazing! Considering a move to Australia just for that! hahaha
    -e (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

  8. Lemon tart looks delicious! That's what I would order and your kids are like mine - anything that has chocolate on it.

  9. Wow - it all so looks perfect, even down to the plates and cutlery. Isn't it the best when good food, surroundings and a happy family outing collide? Looks like a perfect Saturday lunch together. Annie x.

  10. Oh mine for somebody who loves dessert this post is heaven. Eclair, macaroon...Australia why are you so far? Delicious post! xoxo

  11. My mouth is watering....anything lemon is always lovely to savour....and chocolate too.

  12. Hi Viginia

    Drooling on my keyboard right now!! Bugger, and not due to eat for another few hours. Just visited Melbourne (I'm from NZ) a few months ago, and found the food exquisite, (along with EVERYTHING ELSE about the city). The surroundings and company help create the memories, as well as the food. Yum. Nice to have found your blog! Rachel

  13. We went here just last weekend and loved it too! Hidden down the lane way, who'd have thought it would be so big. Delicious macarons :) abbey x


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