Jun 6, 2011

How to breathe New Life into Old Tiles

How fabulously eccentric is this 
gorgeous bathroom? 
It's one of the finalists in the 
Reece Bathroom competition.
The recycled Spanish tiles from the 1960s
have been given a new lease 
of life with new fittings, mirrors & accessories.

The owners obviously have superlative taste, 
because they chose to style their bathroom
with the glorious Aesop products. 
{Smells divine, and they don't test on animals.}

And this is the cute as a button basin 
they used ~ which is the Alape WT4.
There were some other beautiful bathroom winners too.
I love this one, with timber as an accent
to the wall as well as on the vanity.
When stone is this beautiful,
simple lines let the beauty shine through.
Oh and a bath with a view of a garden?
Yes please, always a winner!

But my favourite is this first one, 
with the recycled tiles.
It's a clever way to not 
throw the baby out with the bathwater,
so to speak! 

Images: Reece


  1. I wanted the Alape but we ended up using an off cut from a recycled timber post from the front of the house. It's such an awesome pedestal basin.
    The recycled tiled bathroom looks suprisingly fab!

  2. I LOVE that retro bathroom. Uber cool, modern with a (modern) twist!

  3. Hi, Virginia!
    Love the recycled tiled bathroom, it's gorgeous.
    And that tub with a view of the garden, wow!!
    Big hugs

  4. Ahh this post makes me want to be an owner even more. Our renter tiles, although not terrible, could use some of these fabulous accessories to spruce them up. Thanks for your sweet comment the other day Virginia, and the cocktail was delicious... a must try!


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