Jun 23, 2011

Delectable Duet: Rust Red and Olive Green

As complimentary colours on the colour wheel,
red & green always look good together.
But one of the best red & green combos
is this dark, dark rusty red & soft olive green.
This wonderful colour duet has been 
mixed to perfection in the new Chez Dré
bakery cafe in Melbourne,
freshly designed by Breathe Architecture.
The touch of rusty red continues in the 
potted geraniums in the cafe's courtyard.
But that red stenciled floor....
oh it's stunning!
And in the garden,
just a flash of rust red can enliven olive green,
in these beautiful gardens by EGA.
So in the garden, 
or in interiors,
rust red & olive green 
makes for a very Delectable Duet.

Do you like this colour combination too?

Restaurant details: Chez Dre & images: ADR


  1. Hello Virginia:
    You are absolutely right, this combination is stunning. And what makes it so, as you say, are the slightly off beat, quirky shades of red and green.

    The floor of the new bakery is visually wonderful and the way in which the accent colours have been used throughout is highly imaginative.

  2. I love this combo! I've always been a huge fan of olive and I love how it pairs with plum purples and berry tones as well. That floor is stunning :)

  3. Hey Virginia, thank you so much for your explaination of summer/winter start dates in the Northern Hemisphere - I really was very confused! I even read out your comment to my Mum! You really do learn something new every day.

    Andrea x

    PS: That stencilled floor is to die for.

  4. An incredible combo - thanks for the inspiration :))
    Claudia xo

  5. Lucky you having such a gorgeous cafe nearby - it looks stunning. I am so in love with that banquette seating - I think a lot of time could be spent there! What a beautiful job they've done. Love everything about it I think x.

  6. Its a lovely colour combo & looks great in the real too!
    I had a lovely coffee there just this week!

  7. i think that the tufting is great on the banquettes!!
    have a sweet weekend


  8. I love olive green, I just decided to paint one of my bedroom's walls in this color.
    Big hugs

  9. Yes I do. It makes me think of Autumn and also of Scotland. These are the rustic and muted colour of the stunning Grampian highlands, where I once lived as an architecture student. Just heaven.

    Loving the light in that second picture. Beautiful.

    xx Charlotta


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