May 28, 2011

What's Weekend and what's Week time?

It's movie night for the boys & me, 
so I have been hunting for 
somewhere yummy to grab supper 
after we see the latest Pirates of the Caribbean.
 After looking at these gorgeous images,
I desperately want to check out the 
new Hare & Grace in the city. 
Love the smoke bush ceiling twigs
and the anatomical
animal drawings on the walls. 
Sadly for tonight's escapade, 
it is only open during the week.
But I kinda like the idea of keeping
a restaurant special for the weekdays only.
So it is a lovely little respite, during a busy working day.
 With such a blurring between work & play, 
sometimes we lose the distinction 
between weekend and working week. 

It's an interesting concept,
don't you think?

Images & restaurant: Hare & Grace
located at 525 Collins St, Melbourne.
Interior Design: Joost Bakker


  1. this looks like a very interesting place to fresh and inviting..have a lovely weekend, virginia..xx meenal

  2. We loved the movie, and the Hare and Grace looks like the perfect spot for dining afterwards!! Hope you have a great weekend ~

  3. it looks stunning...enjoy the movie and the meal :))

  4. That certainly is — perhaps sometimes frustrating, but refreshing at the same time... as for the movie, I will be going tomorrow and am very much looking forward to it! Hope you enjoy... and have a lovely weekend.

    xo, Sarah

  5. Wow the restaurant looks incredible! I hope you enjoy your weekend with your boys; the movie night sounds like lots of fun!

  6. This place looks so nice...lucky you having it nearby. Love the fabric on the chairs and the food looks lovely. I sent Pete to an auction house to by a sofa once and he came home with an old butcher's pig which follows us everywhere despite me trying to lose it...perhaps it would sit nicely in the Hare and Grace! Annie x.

  7. This place looks amazing! I'd be there in a flash! Love all the natural elements and the colour of the chairs. You'll have to report back once you've been!

    Thanks for the comment today, I did manage to leave without buying anything, but only just!;)


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