May 30, 2011

Journey into a Secret Garden

Let's go on a journey, 
into a secret garden.
One that is disciplined & ordered.

There is a sense of quiet 
in this garden.
No wonder it has been shortlisted 
in this year's "outside" category of the
House Awards

Graveled courtyards make up 
rooms of secret gardens, within the garden.

And there are lots of lovely places
to sit and stay awhile,
to just, well, live the moment

No surprise that an art lover lives here. 
There are marvelous sculptures dotted throughout 
the garden, as treasures waiting to be discovered.

The front garden is extremely restrained.
Rigidly formal & clipped.

While the journey through to the back garden
is a half-way point, 
a meeting ground of formality & verdant excess.

See what I mean about verdant excess?
Deliciously full-blown luxuriant growth. 
Almost bursting out of the corten steel edging. 

We better have a look inside too. 
So you can get a sense of the garden's integration.
Magnificent front doors, aren't they?

Oh, clever.
Low height peep windows allow
sneaky views to that side garden we saw.

And full height windows allow the house 
to float within it's garden frame.

It's still a young garden, 
but one that will ripen with age
into a place of extreme beauty,
creating a secret garden with many charms.

Do you like it?

Jane's House & Garden, SA.
Landscape Design: Taylor Cullity Leathlean
Shortlisted in 2011 Houses Awards
Architecture + Interior Design: Dimitty Anderson + Nexus Designs
Photography: Earl Carter


  1. it's creation so nice and look wise very good .........
    Photographer Melbourne

  2. I absolutely love the front of the house. The verandahs are beautiful.

  3. beautiful peaceful..thanks for sharing, virginia..happy monday to you..xx meenal

  4. I love the house & garden... and those doors are fantastic!

  5. Wow, that's a pretty amazing looking garden (and house). As you say, so serene and calm and I'm just looking at it on-screen - imagine in person!

  6. Love it! You're right about those doors - fab. We need some stones (to quash some wretched weeds) in our front garden and I have been stumped as to what to use. Now I know so thank you! Am definitely using this as inspiration. Annie x.

  7. It's so clean and modern! Very spacious too!

  8. Love the verandas - soo cool and modern - would like to stay :O)
    A xx

  9. That door/gate is so amazing.

  10. It's so gorgeous, the inside and outside both are just amazing........wish i could decorate my house like this :-(


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