May 26, 2011

Golden Glamour. I like mine Dark, not Frothy. Bold Gold.

When I was a little girl, 
every birthday I would ask for golden shoes.
My mother believed that golden shoes 
represented fripperies and froth
so they never appeared in the birthday wrappings.
She laughs now, wondering why she had such a notion.
Fripperies & froth gold may sometimes be, 
but it can also have an underlying deeper, darker edge.
Especially when mixed with black.
On the runway, at LMFF, Little Joe 
mixes gold with fabulous dark heels,
guinea feathers and black to create drama.
Love this. 
No frippery or froth in sight. 
But the gold filigree gives the outfit glamour,
while balancing the drama with long, long legs of black.
For a gold lover like myself, 
there is no such thing as too much gold
Oriel House obviously thinks so too.
Why not have gold handles on golden drawers?
Gold and dark just seem to go together in a sultry mix.
If this exquisitely detailed light by Emma Davies
had a backdrop of anything other than gold,
it would change the mood entirely.
A light sprinkling of gold can give an air of decadence,
to these gowns, & the setting, by Gwendolynne
While Bold Gold exhales confidence of style.
Bold Gold means using lots of it, 
with other darkly dramatic elements,
like these inspired curtains. 
What a brilliant foil to the gold velvet sofa. 
And always having a hefty drop 
of dark, dark 
texture as a contrast against the glitter.
 So lustrous, in this vintage image from the 1960s.
And of course, 
a sense of wit doesn't hurt 
Bold Gold's success either.
Would this scene work so well, 
if the frames were dainty
and if there were no Converse sneakers 
tossed upon the floor?
This much loved room, by Studio Ko, 
pushes the glamour of gold to it's full bold limits. 

To sink luxuriantly into these gold sofas, 
in such a beautiful space, 
would be decadently fabulous.
Why, it doesn't have a touch of froth or frippery about it!

1: Alexander McQueen pumps net a porter.  2/8/9: design by SR Gambrell.
3/4: little joe.  5: Oriel House via 1st option.
6: emma davies artist.  7: Gwendolynne.
12: photography by Monolo Yllera13: Studio Ko.


  1. Glam post and i'm drooling over that orange credenza with the industrial edge. Love it! Thanks for your lovely comments too over on my blog. You're a great blog friend:-). XX

  2. ahahah oh mothers.

    I'm loving all that gold, I'm lusting after an antique gold framed mirror right now!

  3. I love this post!!

    I too dreamed of gold shoes as a little girl.. Actually come to think of it, I still do..! :)
    I had a pair of gold sandals that my mother got me when I was a flowergirl at a wedding. I LOVED them and treasured them for years. Wish I had kept them for my own daughter to wear!

    Love love love all the pictures and also think that a dash of golden glamour never hurts..!

    xx Charlotta

  4. Could not agree more with all of it. Love gold, esp. used in more dramatic ways (altho you put it much more eloquently). Fantastic images!

  5. i do love me some with practically every color..though looks very edgy an glmorous paired ith black like you have a the shoes in the first image..have a lovely day dining table is on the blog check it out when you have a moment..xx meenal

  6. Gold is just stunning! That gold couch in the last pic is simply AMAZING! Adding a 'gold couch' to my dream list... xx

  7. My niece always wanted "clappy" shoes, the one's that made noise when you walked. Her mother never gave in to them - not practical, she said. Now my niece's closets are full of beautiful "clappy" shoes. She even has a pair or two of gold ones.

  8. Gold, black lipstick! How can you possibly beat that? As for that gown. WHY don't we look like that anymore, why?

    And I just bought a gold framed antique mirror last night. Heehee. I think the new apartment is hopefully going to be about all neutrals with gold accents. Though if I could have that sofa it would be allllll gold! :)

  9. these dark gold inspirations are beautiful. much better than the skanky shiny gold i'm used to seeing.

  10. Love those gold velvet sofas and that room by Studio Ko is splendorous.

  11. I always wanted my shoes to sound "snappy". The gold shoes are like every girls dream! It's the gold standard of toe to heel therapy!! Again you effortlessly combined a shared sense, gorgeous props and golden interior spaces :) XO, Kelly

  12. Sensational Images!! I love all of that GOLD!!! Black and Gold is one of my favourite colour combos. Thanks again for the inspiration!

  13. Just beautiful, I've always loved the juxtaposition of gold and black but always been a bit shy of wearing/decorating with it for fear of being a bit too dazzling - these images are really inspiring!

  14. Hello Virginia,

    I must say, gold shoes is certainly not something you grow out of, is it? The style may change, but your eye for the color may not... lovely inspiration, for certain, and quite dramatic...

  15. Love me some gold! Great images. I want those gold shoes now!

  16. Loved them all, especially Studio Ko and Paule Ka, very elegant.
    How did we get such a fantastic daughter? Maybe because you were denied gold shoes you kept dreaming, discovering and inventing!
    xxoo Patricia


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