May 11, 2011

Garden of Ghosts

Utterly bewitched by this extraordinary garden,
reclaimed and re~grown,
from where a private zoo once stood.
Fragments of the old zoo's walls have been kept 
and cleverly incorporated into the garden in Sydney.
Even a fish skeleten has been given a new home,
in a design which seamlessly works it's way into
this modern + old garden.
It is called the Garden of Ghosts 
because of its history.
But I think the designers have also cleverly
captured a feeling of history, too.
Rambling wistaria mingles with sculptural monkeys,
echoing the animals who used to live here.
While Sydney's sub-tropical climate allows
cliveas and palms to thrive.
I guess a Garden of Ghosts would have
to feature a black cat?
But have a look, too, at these lovely 
outdoor curtains strung high on the hardwood.
It's one of those wonderful gardens 
which play with light and shadow. 
So you feel like you are exploring.
And it's also a garden that allows its 
occupants to not take it too seriously.
It's designed for life. 
So it is a Garden of Living
as well as a Garden of Ghosts.

Landscape Design & Images: Terragram
Architects:  Allen Jack + Cottier
Photographer: Nick Bailey + Vladimir Sitta {terragram}


  1. wow.... is this a private residence? Stunning.

  2. Hi Joyful Things,

    Yes it is a private garden. Lucky inhabitants, aren't they?


  3. Isn't it amazing?! It is all gorgeous but I really love the 'gate' entering the pool. This is one of the most stunning gardens I've seen - it's got soul and isn't as perfect as lots of (also beautiful) landscaped gardens. And that house...

  4. I can imagine the kids having a wonderful time in that garden. Oh and grown ups too!

  5. What a gorgeous little slice of paradise!

  6. This is absolutely stunning! Love the wistaria and the historical, sub-tropical ambience!

    What a wonderful find!

    Virginia, thank you for sharing.

  7. is an amazing garden, has a very mysterious place, I really like

  8. I love this place. To me it doesn't breathe 'death' in any way. The Wisteria is lovely, and I adore all the quirky details and the fact that they have salvaged so many details. Including the fish skeleton. In fact I think that could look amazing indoors too! :)

    Thanks for your visit today and for your sweet comment.

    x Charlotta

  9. I find gardens in Australia so much more creative and inviting than in the UK or Ireland. Probably because you have the weather to enjoy the end result :)

  10. You said it; bewitched is thruly the right words. And you have captured it so wonderfully with your lovely comments.

    This garden is so special and touches somthing deep in side of me.

  11. It is so beautiful. It seems very alive to me...with that lovely wisteria and the greenness, and rather modern in style. If I make it back to Syndey, I'd love to visit...

  12. Hi, Virginia!
    Beautiful wisterias always make part of the image I have from Heaven, my Heaven.
    So, imagine how happy I felt when I saw your post.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Big hugs

  13. wow! amazing garden. so different.


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