May 4, 2011

Delectable Duet: Teacups and Flowers for Precious Moments...

Sitting on my desk this morning,
and capturing my attention,
is this little vignette of fresh roses from the garden, 
and a fragrantly steaming cup of Lady Grey tea.
The scent is intoxicating!
Jewel~rich tones of oranges and reds are all competing 
to see who has the loudest colour of the roses.
They are a wonderful blast of cheeriness.

The teacup is one of my vintage obsessions. 
Amazing how much better tea tastes 
in these dainty cups!
And the little red Mercedes 190SLC,
sitting in the window above, 
has found his colour match I think!
Flowers and teacups just seem to belong together. 
See how beautifully they get along 
in the witty & gorgeously green Tea Parlour?
Of course, you could take this combination quite literally,
by putting the flowers in the teacup,
like Domino have.
And why stop at the usual flowers in a teacup?
Parsley works fabulously, in this stylish wedding, 
photographed by Rosie Parsons.
Or, it could be a much more subtle reference. 
Like, really subtle
The green sculpture has the shape of a teacup,
while the pendants look like giant flowers, 
in a cheeky fitout by Hecker Guthrie for the Melbourne Cup.
Flower power is powerful indeed,
because their incredible beauty can stop us in our tracks.
For just one precious moment
And one precious moment is all you need
to partake of tea in a gorgeous cup like these ones
from Christina Re. 
Definitely a Delectable Duet 
to make a very precious moment from an everyday occurence!

Images: 6: Tea Parlour
7: Domino via Apartment Therapy
8: Rosie Parsons photography
All other images: blue fruit


  1. Loving those flowers. And by the way I have the same lamp as in your second last pic :)

    And really liking those Christina Re cups.

    xo anastasia

  2. I have the same lamp too.
    I have them as bedside lamps.
    Tea-rrific (my attempt at a tea comment).


  3. Wow! I must agree the duo is very futile to refuse too if I'm invited. Love love the tea cup and the calming effect of those fresh bloom's scent. A nice pastry and all is perfect.

  4. I have roses blooming in the back as well, but I do not have a tea set as lovely as yours!! I agree, I think my tea would be even more delectable in such a dainty yet saucy way :) I have tea cup envy....hmmmm always looking to edit and add something new to the cupboards! XO, Kelly

  5. i love flowers in teacups but alongside teacups well...lovely images, virgnia..have a gorgeou day! xx meenal

  6. Love your roses.. fabulous colours.. think I can smell them from here.. And love that tea trolley too.. Have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

  7. Just lovely my friend - I can smell those stunning roses all the way to Sydney! :)

    Loving the Christina Re cups! Have always wanted a multi coloured set. One day..

    Big hugs and thank you so much for persisting my super long Tasmania post.

    xx Charlotta

  8. The entire post was a visual delight. Your tea cup is lovely and I'm sure you treasure it. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  9. Your roses and tea cup are just beautiful, what a lovely treat!:)

  10. Oh how lovely! I would love to have that sitting on my desk right now!


  11. Love those rose, black and white teacups.
    Gorgeous post, you gave me an idea, I think I'll have a cup of tea now.
    Big hugs

  12. I love this post. So lovely and fun. The photos are blissful.

    Have a great day!

    Love from Oslo


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