May 24, 2011

Coastal architecture where sunlight is king

One of the wonderful elements of designing
coastal architecture is the 
opportunity to play with light and shadow.
While that applies to any building, 
in any context, 
in a coastal setting there is often more 
drama provided by the ever~changing weather
and it makes for dynamic architecture 
if this is reflected in the design.
This recent beach house at Mt Martha
by Melbourne architects Pleysier Perkins,
beautifully exploits these opportunities 
to play with light and shadow.
Shafts of sunlight form giant steps on 
the richly toned timber floors.
Outside, pockets of shady cool are a 
refreshingly delicious retreat... 
... and cleverly contrast with the 
open sunny space of the deck.
Ah, and have a look at that breeze block wall.
There are spacings between solid concrete blocks,
to create the same effect as 
the mid century classic Screen Blocks.
The perfect use of light & shadow patterns.
High level clerestory windows,
always a favourite of mine, 
provide stripes of sunlight to the corridors.
And these stripes continue 
as a repeated element at the entry, 
to remind us that especially at the beach, 
sunlight really is king. 

Architects & images: Pleysier Perkins
Photography: Rhiannon Slater


  1. I want to be there right now! Mt Martha is one of my favourite places! Miss Walker xoxo

  2. Virginia, really a fabulous property ! Of course I love anything on the water!

    Art by Karena

  3. Wonderful light and architecture.
    The light in this place would cheer up anyone
    Nice details too

  4. GOOSH I would love to live there - amazing light - just amazing really.
    A xx

  5. This is an amazing place. I love places with lots of light. XX

  6. A wonderful view on this house from you! Architects see such different and practical tihngs and learn to deal with all the elements. Me ? i just want to add fabric and lamps!!! BTW, that deck is super duper! KG x

  7. Now that is the perfect combo of sunlight and stripes! Tan lines PLEASE!!! :)

  8. It's so much more than the big flash pads that seem to be the latest in weekender design here! This is so stylish but also looks like somewhere to enjoy. LOVE the breeze blocks - Mr L wants to build a rural house out of them! Annie x.


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