Apr 11, 2011

When a sea view makes you go "ahhh"...

There is just something 
elusively beautiful about a sea view. 
Hard to find words to describe 
the emotions conjured up from a scene this lovely.
This is Mt Eliza, the suburb of Melbourne where I live.
"Four Pines" is something super special,
and is currently for sale. 
Beach front access, 
overlooking a gorgeous bay, 
and a quietness which instills serenity.
This is the night time view from the garden,
looking across the bay to the 
CBD of Melbourne.
And this is the day time temptation:
the intriguing named "Canadian Bay Beach",
snuggled at the bottom of the garden.
{It was named that in the mid 19th century, 
by some home~sick Canadian timber cutters.}
We go walking here on weekends, 
while my son kyaks in the bay.
It's a pretty little house, 
but it is that view which makes me excited. 
Imagine a summer picnic on these lawns.
And even in the midst of a winter storm, 
those picture windows would create 
a connection with the sea spirit.
Timber gates, stone gate posts.
Hmmm, what's not to love about this,
as a "welcome home" vista?
It has a country~beachy feel.

I could happily live here,
how about you?  

Images & agents details: Aqua Real Estate
property location 15 Freemans Rd Mt Eliza Victoria


  1. Looks like I should have started saving a ways back!

  2. *Gasp* I'm in love. Mt Eliza is not too far from where I live right now, this is beautiful..

  3. GOOD MORNING ( at least from the Northern hemisphere!) THANK YOU for these lovely photos of the beach; I have the coast on my mind right now, as you could see from my BIRTHDAY BEACH BASH post! Living in the MIDWEST, the center of the U.S., we have lots of lakes, but nothing beats the sea. A magnificent property, indeed! Have a marvelous day, Anita

  4. Amazing! I would love to live like this :)
    Thank you for wonderful inspiration.

  5. stunning images..i could very happily live there..well who wouldn't!!
    thankyou for you very sweet comment today..It is always lovely to hear from you..happy monday! xx meenal

  6. so serene and beautiful.

  7. Beautiful...and what vividly colored photographs!

  8. Virginia, I would be happy forever with a home and view in this spot!!

    Art by Karena

  9. I've loved this house via the front gate for many years !!
    So great to find a local blogger.

  10. Oh, this house is lovely, you show great finds here. The views and that gate are fabulous.
    Kisses from Brasil

  11. This is what I call the Garden of Eden, if it is nice to see its through the screen, as it should be seeing from right there ... awesome!

    Virginia have a lovely day,

  12. Wow! This is really spectacular! The sky is breathtaking...

  13. Is it cheesy for me to say YOU'RE SO COOL?! So Australia and these property pictures. I long to live by the water. I am 2 hours from the ocean....2 hours too far! XO, Kelly

  14. Absolutely stunning!!


  15. Beautiful..the view and the house both!!

  16. beautiful place!
    bonne journée!

  17. Wow, great post. You have a lovely blog.

    I'm your newest follower.

    I have a fashion blog here in California


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