Apr 1, 2011

Town or Country? Um, maybe Both?

Sometimes, it is an alfresco terrace in the city 
which makes my heart sing.
But then other times,
a sight like this, 
of a homestead snuggled high
on a river bed,
makes me want to move to the country.
So today we have not one, but
"would you love to live here" home tours!

First, to the town pad...
 Yep, very nice to come home to 
after a long day at work.
This house dates from the elegant 1930s.
I can't find any background to the 
designer, architect Bernard Sutton Esq., 
but with a name like that, 
I'm impressed. 
Love this swimming pool, 
set in verdant green grass. 
Do you spy the little sleeping figurine?
The wallpaper is beautiful
in the dining room,
and the rug is rather tasty too.
This would do nicely for our dinner.
And if you feel like a spot of tennis,
we could stroll out here with 
a Pimms #1 cocktail or two in hand.
Or we could have a sunny Saturday breakfast
here, with all that lovely sunshine beaming through 
the glass atrium roof.
But then again, 
perhaps a stroll out to the boat on the lake
outside our country house would be good...
We could feed the swans their breakfast too.
Look closely.
Do you see the paintings on the timber walls?
Hand painted on the walls...
They have the right idea!
"Tasting the water. Joy on finding it good."
So we shall have tea by the lake outside!
Or perhaps you would prefer to take tea 
overlooking the lovely lake, 
on the shady verandah?
Built in the mid 1800s, 
"Purrumbete" is one of the 
most beautiful Art Nouveau properties
in Australia. 
 And it comes with 170 hectares 
of lush grazing grounds.
As well as views onto that lake.
Well, there's only one solution for us. 
We will simply have to buy both. 
Then we can spend weekdays in town
and weekends in the country!

Would you love to live here,
in either spot or both?

Images & agents details: Town, Grosvenor Crt, Toorak, agents Kay & Burton
Country, Purrumbeet at Camperdown, Victoria, agents Kay & Burton 


  1. I would live in either spots .. but I think your new 'house on a hill' project sounds even more exciting.

    Have a wonderful weekend Virginia (-:

  2. wonderful ..love all the outdoor spaces and that atrium too! lovely post, virginia! xx meenal

  3. Love them both....I'm usually more of a country girl...but that 1930's city house is calling me.........have a great weekend...k

  4. I love them both, too, this post is absolutely fantastic, the outdoor spaces are stunning.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. Both options are very tempting.
    I think that if money was not an option and one could afford to be frivolous, I would prefer an apartment in the city and a comfy lake side retreat for a weekender or holiday getaway.
    In Sweden many people live in the city during Winter but then move out to their holiday houses in late Spring. That way you get the best of two worlds.. Am I being greedy..? :)

    Lovely finds my friend. Both houses are stunning.

    xx Charlotta

  6. I'll take both, thanks! Also, just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for your very considered response to my Bamboo flooring question. It was so helpful! And you should def do a post on it. It was the topic of conversation at work this week.
    Again, thank you and have a wonderful week.

  7. Thanks so much for your nice note on my blog and how fun to have found YOURS! Best, Kate

  8. Decisions, decisions! Country for me thanks Virginia, with an occasional w/end in the city spent in some swanky & salubrious 6 star hotel suite.
    Millie x

  9. My dream home is many acres by the beach. Luscious acres of green that meet the sand.....

  10. after living in both the city and the country for equal stints, in both childhood and adulthood, i cant pick between the two. both is the only way to go!

  11. OMG... too much beauty to possibly decide! Loving these posts Virginia – swoon!! Pia :)

  12. Le prime immagini sono fantastiche è la casa dei miei sogni, bellissimo blog complimenti! A presto Marcella.


  13. I have to agree...both!!


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