Apr 5, 2011

Rings of Beauty

As a designer, I love things that are 
a little different
a bit unexpected
glamorously gorgeous
and hand~made.
These heart~achingly beautiful rings
are all of those things. 
And are hand~made in Christchurch, New Zealand,
by the uber~talented Debra Fallowfield.
I love her sense of detail,
and the bold designs.
Yellow, rose and white golds are 
used together so each brings out 
the beauty of the other. 
And they can be inscribed with any words of wisdom, 
because each ring is individually made.

And do you know the most AMAZING thing?
You can actually WIN one of these gems of glamour,
because Pia from the Design Is Born blog
is running a competition. 

World wide entry!

This is the beautiful Erosion Ring,
{worth $600}
which is the prize.

Ye gods! 
Too wonderful!
Quick, race over there now so you can 
enter and maybe, just maybe, 
win a piece of perfection for your own finger.
And read about Debra's 
incredible reprieve from the 
deadly Christchurch earthquake. 

To purchase: Debra Fallowfield.


  1. these are gorgeous.
    i especially like the second band.
    i want!!

  2. GORGEOUS rings! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for your sweet comments ;)
    xo Sherri

  3. My favorite is the last one. Gold, Chunky, yet simple-and diamonds?? hello who could resist? :)

  4. LOVE these - number 3 reminds me of the ring that rule them all - from Lord of the rings. Awesome - thanks for sharing :O)
    A x

  5. I found so many talented jewelry designers on my trip to NZ , they are to die for.

  6. So gorgeous!! I'm in love with ones with beautiful writing!


  7. Really lovely designs...some people are just way to clever ;)

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment, xxx DJ

  8. Io adoro gli anelli e questi sono tutti bellissimi ma il primo è veramente una chicca.

  9. Gorgeous rings, the second one would be my choice.
    Thank you for your comments on our blog.
    Wish you a nice day.

  10. ooooh..that's me!1I made these..thank you OH SO MUCH
    feeling rather honoured to be featured on such a gorgeous blog-things are looking up for the "quakey" jeweller!!

  11. Big love to you Virginia and your fabulous blog! Thanks for helping us to give Deb Fallowfield some much deserved exposure. Loving your blog, so full of inspiring ideas and gorgeous design solutions. Keep it up! Xo


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