Apr 20, 2011

New York City and Fishs Eddy Craziness

Last December, I celebrated my 20th 
wedding anniversary in New York City.
And we went crazy in the most amazing shop, 
Fishs Eddy, which is in the Flatiron district. 
These little glazed hands, 
made from vintage glove moulds,
were just some of the treasures 
we brought back from this wonderful shop.
{Behind them is an Edwardian tea pot 
& 1960s 24 carat gold plated coffee cups
that were all found in Melbourne.}

The glazed porcelain hands also come 
in a much larger size than my petite dainties, 
but I figured they probably wouldn't make it back,
with all their little fingers intact!
As the owner of the store was carefully 
wrapping my 3 shopping baskets of breakable treasures,
{well I did say we went crazy}
I spotted this gorgeous rooster 
in the window behind him. 
 It's a pie dish ~ the rooster lifts up 
to reveal the pie in the basket. 
So eclectic! Made in USA.
I had to have him, 
but, oh dear, how to get him back in one piece?
The store owner was wonderfully kind.
He carefully wrapped the rooster in 
a thousand layers 
of bubble wrap, 
which filled up my entire carry on baggage. 
And now the little rooster takes pride of place 
in my butler's pantry ~ so I can see 
his cheeky tail feathers every day! 
Oh, and many thanks to Carol Reed,
the fabulous Canadian interior designer,
who told me to go to this unique shop. 
It is totally one of a kind, 
and if you are in NYC, do stop in at Fishs Eddy on Broadway. 
And just try not to buy 3 baskets worth!

Image 3: Fishs Eddy
All other images: blue fruit


  1. I love your rooster and the storey about how you found him but I have to say the whole time I was wondering is that a mirrored cabinet and in the mirror is that your phone and do you use it......
    Easily distracted aren't I;)
    or are my eyes playing tricks......
    Thanks for the wrap up on the design awards also, lovely seeing who has been recognised for all their hard work.

  2. Hi Elements,

    Oh, yes it is a mirrored cabinet ~ I took the door off one side of it to reveal the shelves, so it is probably a bit confusing!

    And yes, it is a vintage 1970s phone that is reflected in the mirror. It is plugged in and it is does work! But when we had a teenager party recently, a couple of them said to me "What is it? Is it a phone maybe?" Was very funny watching them trying to work out the rotary dial numbers....

    Cheerio, Virginia

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog Virginia. Glad to come across another Melbourne blogger. Really liking those gold plated coffee cups by the way. Following your blog. x anastasia

  4. I would love to visit New York - it would hold so many treasures waiting to be found. You found some goodies though hey - the chicken sure is cute!
    Em x

  5. Love roosters, this one is lovely.
    Fishs Eddy is a fantastic store, I agree with you.
    Big hugs

  6. i would love this shop.
    and congratz to you for getting it all home!

  7. How fun. Love the glazed hands ultra chic. Thanks for posting.

  8. Virginia I've been waiting patiently to see your rooster and oh my - he is wonderful, what a perfect spot you found for him!!!!! I don't remember even seeing him when I was at Fishs Eddy's, you've got a keen eye. I also bought several of the mini glove moulds to give to girlfriends, I keep mine beside the kitchen sink and put my rings on it - i LOVE it. Can't wait to go back again next month, and this time I might have to take advantage of their shipping services! : )

  9. Such lovely things*smile*

    ..I wanted to pop by to thank you for a lovely comment at my blog-much appreciated! Welcome as new follower! You made me smile*smile*

    best whishes!

  10. Holy moley I love that rooster pie dish. Do you happen to know where he is made in theUSA???

  11. Oh my! I have to say that I am bummed that I didn't follow your blog earlier because I would have loved to have given you toooons of advice about my former hometown--NYC! But truly? Fish's Eddy was always "culte" as we say in France, so looks like you were doing good!

  12. Hi AB Home, not sure which state it was made in, but I was chatting to the store about how wonderful it was to find products that were made in the USA, rather than imported. {I have a bit of a thing about buying locally, which of course varies as to where I am locally located, if that makes sense!}
    The rooster is a Fishs Eddy own design, so would only be available from them.

  13. My hubby has a thing for roosters, so he would love that rooster dish. I really like the porcelain hands. XX

  14. Looks like a fabulous shop.. how the heck did you get it all home on the plane.. in one piece!! Last year I went to Noosa [not quite as thrilling] and my carry on was stuffed with antiques I found up there...

    So.. I'm loving this place and will have to keep it in mind.. I've got a hankering to travel again .. soon!!

    Thanks for sharing all these lovelies and thanks for stopping by my way.. Hope you have a great week and easter.. ciao xxx Julie

  15. Wow, that is a unique shop and I read the story about your 20th wedding anniversary in NYC and that was so romantic. I loved the pic of the tree in the lake. AND that's really cute about the couple you saw who had just got engaged. That was great advice to give him. I totally agree. hehe :)
    Thx so much for checking out my blog too

  16. Hi Virginia - thank you so much for your lovely comments regarding our home. 'Home' is really important to me so it means a lot. LOVE your blog and your work - really inspired by the Melbourne Garden Show thank you...and love the rooster! Annie x.

  17. Never been to NYC so I'm sitting here green with envy! Seriously lovely stuff.

    Angela x

  18. Just came across this post Virginia, what a cool store!  I must check it out when I'm in NYC!

    LR @ Magnificent or Egregious


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