Apr 27, 2011

Millionaires Walk...or would that be Stroll?

Perched high on a ridge at the 
edge of Melbourne's Port Philip Bay, 
lies an almost secret pedestrian pathway
called The Millionaires Walk.
It is a public pathway, 
with private houses on one side, 
and the spectacular bay on the other.
Most of the houses don't even have
fences, so it feels like you are walking
through a private garden.
All along the pathway, 
these beautiful rustic gates signal
the end of one garden...
...and the beginning of another.
The holiday houses represent 
many different architectural styles...
And all the while, 
there is the most amazing view across the bay...
...of private jetties complete with boat houses...
...little beach boxes...
..and the yachts which sail around the bay.
The land on each side of this walkway
is privately owned, but the little path
is public property.
Some of the beach houses are so close,
you can wave hello to the 
happy residents as they eat their breakfast.
I often wonder if they enjoy 
the walkers, 
as much as the walkers enjoy 
people~watching the residents.
And how does one enter this secluded 
Millionaires Walk past the holiday homes 
of some of Melbourne's oldest families?

Why, through this innocuous gate!
It looks like part of an ordinary fence, 
and is reached through an ordinary street, 
giving no clue to the magic views that lie within! 

All images taken by blue fruit Easter Weekend 2011
Millionaires Walk, Portsea to Sorrento


  1. Wow .. such an ordinary gate that leads to such a wonderful path that lets you drool over such amazing homes. What a great stroll you had. Nice weekend by the bay - hope you had a great Easter break (-:

  2. what an amazing walk up to an extraordinary home! love your blog! Newest Follower!

    Best, Tamra

  3. so lovely! Is this walk suitable for a toddler plus stroller you think?

  4. Hi Erica Louise,

    yes, it would be very suitable. I took my elderly parents {who are almost 90} and they walked it very comfortably. It is a flat path, until the very end bit where it becomes more of a bushwalking experience. But the most spectacular scenery is where it is flat, as you can see in my photos.


  5. This is spectacular...love all of the homes and the view of the bay...what a way to exercise!!

  6. What a wonderful "peoples" walk...or should I say "secret garden" walk? Thank you for taking us there...This is what I love about blogs, you are introduced to so many things that you would otherwise not get to see or know about...k

  7. Oh the colour of the sky and the ocean are so beautiful, I would love to live with weather like that.

  8. These pictures are beautiful, DREAM housess!

  9. Wonderful post! I imagine how fantastic can be walk through this pathway with that view.
    Big hugs

  10. What a lovely sight and how fortunate someone had the foresight to retain a public right of way. It makes for a a beautiful.stroll. I'm new to your blog and I've spent some time exploring and poking through your posts. I'm so glad I did that. You've created a lovely spot for your readers to visit and I'll be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  11. I have only been to Sydney but have heard such great things about Melbourne! These pics are gorgeous. I would SO move to AUS if the husband got an architecture position there. I loved it.


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