Apr 14, 2011

Lovely little details

So often it is the little details that 
can lift a space from bland to glam. 
These gorgeous new "Bling" handles by Kethy
provide just a touch of fun and sparkle.
They were on display at Designex 2011,
the trade show event for interior design and architecture, 
held in Melbourne one year and Sydney the next.
Aren't they fun?
I used a similar handle from this range 
on a recent project, and the client loved them 
so much we ended up putting them everywhere. 
There were also lots of lovely lights, 
like these ones, custom made to suit any colour scheme.
They are floating butterflies.
 And the wings twirl in a slight breeze. 
Quite mesmerizing....
I loved this paradox of pretty and plain. 
An exposed bulb, but dainty leaves "growing" 
out of the rod. 
Fun stuff!
From the same company, 
Format Furniture,
these stunning floor lamps made me 
go back and back to admire their 
sensuous form. 
Made from little chunks of teak timber, 
these garden spheres are wonderfully textured. 
Loved those! 
Cone-shaped brass cupboard knobs ~ yes please! 
Brand new, and oh so glorious in their warm glow, 
these will definitely be going into 
one of my projects soon. 
Metallic finishes were everywhere at Designex this year. 
So much so, that even the goody bag
was deliciously silvered. 
Always good to swing a bit of bling on one's arm, 
as a lovely little detail,
don't you think?

All images taken by blue fruit at Designex Melbourne 2011


  1. Love the floating butterflies light..such a fun and statement making piece..have a lovely day, Virginia! xx meenal

  2. The garden spheres are wonderful, would look sooooo good in my front courtyard. The butterfly light is awesome also.

  3. Oh, beautiful! but I especially like the lights. Are amazing! Thanks for your kind comments:-)) Have a nice day

  4. The bling handles are stunning! They would look so good in my bathroom! XO

  5. I used to love going to Design Ex in Sydney- it's so inspiring. Thanks so much for stopping by- you made me giggle about how 'hard' it is to get up your older kids now!! My husband and I can't wait to have that problem!. Enjoy your weekend! xx

  6. funny you should show these 'glam' knobs etc.
    i am doing a bathroom and these were almost chosen.
    EEEEEK !!!

  7. Definitely...love the knobs with a little sparkle and how wonderful are the garden spheres?!!

  8. I thought I was looking at jewelries! These are fabulous! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  9. love the floor lamps - great finds :)

  10. I so "heart" modern design. My husband so "hearts" craptacular excess. This may come to be a retreat I seek out with great regularity...


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