Apr 8, 2011

Inspirational garden ideas from MIFGS

Every autumn, one of the things that 
I get very excited about is the
Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show,
held in the beautiful Carlton Gardens 
near the Paris end of Collins Street, in the CBD. 
{Oh yes, there is a "New York" end too!}
It's a great spot to see interesting combinations
of plants, and fresh landscape design ideas.
{Kalanchoe Flapjacks contrast with 
lime green Acacia Cognata & silver Senecio Cineraria.}
And being autumn, the leaves are just 
starting to turn glorious russet tones.
 Canadian Lipstick Maples form 
a sentry to a hot bubbling outdoor spa
{just seen to the right.}
This little garden was designed by a landscape
architecture student, and won gold in the 
student category. 
How wonderful are those twirling orange arches?
Gorgeous Stacey from Design Addict Mom
this one is for you and your love of orange!
Orange was a popular colour ~ here used in cushions
in a moated water retreat.
A simple idea of bound rope and wire, 
easily done and very effective.
I fell in love with these little timber spheres, 
hand whittled from stumps of old trees,
and showing the markings of age. 
And I couldn't help hoping that this 
lovely sculpture would spring forth 
a spray of misty water. 
Wouldn't that be refreshing on a hot summery day?
But water did spring forth from 
this wonderfully raised stone rill.
And these curved slate stone steps, 
set with mondo grass and edged with blue 
lobelia + oak~leaf hydrangea,
are inviting in the extreme!
Rusted cortens steel always 
stops me in my tracks
in a garden.
Perhaps because of the complimentary 
colour contrast between red and green.
This is such a "do~able" idea for signage
in a veggie garden. 
It is just a little piece of slate, 
marked with white chalk,
and hanging from a curved piece of 
rusted steel.
{Uh, oh, rusted steel again....love it!}
But polished steel can look stunning 
in a garden too, as it does here 
in a children's play garden theme. 
Prowling colourful robots
entertained the children.
{Or would that be "terrified the children",
looking at this child's expression?}
There is a sculpture auction, held to raise 
money for charity. I loved this fellow!
One of my favourite exhibits are these beauties.
They are part of the competition by 
fashion design students to 
dress a mannequin 
entirely with 
fruit and flowers. 
Palm seed pods formed a giant flower 
in this wonderful display in the florist competition.
And a hanging display of golden pears 
and twigs reminds us just how beautiful
everyday objects can be, 
when a little imagination is applied 
to see them with fresh eyes!

All images taken by blue fruit at MIFGS 2011


  1. Better Homes and Gardens had a segment on the MIFGS and all the gardens are stunning - makes you want to pick up your trowel and gardening gloves right away. I particular;y love the round paving stones edged with blue lobelia- so pretty, from your newest follower, Em

  2. Hello Virginia,

    I just discovered your beautiful blog... happy days! I'm so pleased to be your newest follower.

    These gardens are incredible and so beautifully designed. Great inspiration.

    Angela x

  3. Dear, excellent blog *

    waiting for you to imagine: http://nastyafrost.blogspot.com/

    : *

  4. There is too much here to respond to as it is all so beautiful (ok, except for the robots, which even I find scary)--as always, thank you and have a great weekend!

  5. What a lovely way to spend a day (or two!). Your photos are lovely and I especially loved those Canadian Lipstick Maples - the colour is insane!!
    The little timber spheres are amazing. I love them and so want to get my hands on a set of three - one x-large and two smaller. yum!

    Hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

    x Charlotta

  6. Stunning photos, the picture number 11 and number 13 are perfect as those spheres.
    There is an artisan here, now he lives near São Paulo, he works with recycled wood and among many pieces he makes these beautiful spheres, just like these one you're showing here.
    His work is exhibited in galleries in Manhattan and here in Brazil, his name is Pedro Petry.
    Have a nice Sunday.
    Big hugs

  7. You had me at 'Canadian Maples'.
    As we have a large garden (ie: 4 acres) the Mr won't allow me to put in such a tree (the mowing, the mowing, the MOWING) so I will just admire from your pretty pics.
    Was the show busy .. packed .. fun? Your pics tell a great story.


  8. i love corten in a garden too, we use it a lot.

  9. These gardens are wonderful...love the beautiful stepping stones and the timber spheres are amazing...hope you're having a great day!

  10. These are fantastic and of course, i'm especially smitten with the orange arches!:-) Awesome post! XX

  11. Among the best garden photos I have seen a long time. Lovely blog

  12. incredible post!

    i love the slate steps with the mondo grass between each one.


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