Apr 7, 2011

Colourful brights in Adore Home

I have been drowning under an 
avalanche of work lately, 
with projects both in planning and construction,
with not a second to focus on anything else.
So many beautiful projects! 

While hunting for new fabrics for one of these
lovely homes,  I have just discovered 
the latest issue of Adore Home.
{Yes, I know it came out last week...oops!}
I am completely smitten with the bright colours
of Bluebellgray, the Scottish fabric firm
headed up by textile designer Fiona Douglas,
whose own home is in the magazine. 
These gorgeous fabrics have a 
hand painted look to them. 
Such vibrancy! 
And there is also a delightful article on 
some of Melbourne's hidden design treasures. 
The girls know us well because the 
opening paragraph mentions our 
obsession with coffee! 
So true! 
{I often wonder if the main reason 
I moved to Melbourne was to indulge my 
coffee obsession...}
The freshly refurbished Stokehouse 
restaurant gets a mention...
...as does stylist Lucy Fenton's glorious 
treasure of homewear delights: Fenton & Fenton.
Also love the bright fresh colour hits 
in the Sydney home of interior designer Vivian Mansour.

Now, enough of that and back to work!
But I might just start sketching poppies
into my elevations....


  1. love all the colorful images in the post..that art in vivian mansour's home is so pretty and cheerful..as for melbourne..one of my favourite cities in the world..i've had the pleasure of visiting twice ..more visits in the future as i'm lucky to have my brother live there! have a lovely day,virginia! xx meenal

  2. So much colour, enjoyed and admired those images..

  3. Color is really giving me a lift these days. I have not had time to digest the latest Adore, so thanks for sharing!

  4. I think my favorite is the artwork in Vivian Mansour's home, gorgeous! Thinking happy Spring thoughts over here after reading this post!

  5. Today you are pure joy!
    All those flowers, your post is so happy and vibrant, absolutely love it!
    As far as I can see there is no need to wish you a happy day.

  6. The word I always, always think of when I read your lovely posts is "fresh"--so thank you for delivering a bouquet of fresh flowers! So inspiring...

  7. Such fun Spring images...love the painting!!

  8. Oh, thank you! I have to taken a look at the mag. Seems being gorgeous.


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