Apr 30, 2011

Capturing the Alfresco Lifestyle Perfectly...

The notion of alfresco living
is one that resonates so deeply 
for so many people,
as a dreamy way to live.
This elegantly sensuous house 
achieves a cosy connection with its garden, 
through the full height windows
which allow the verdancy outside to become an artwork.
The timber ceilings and warm toned palette
make this space a very comforting one.
While the landscaping layout gives a hint 
of what may just be inside...
...which is a carefully constructed palette of simplicity.
Do you love the rugged timber vanity 
as much as I do?
It's a great foil for the perfectly seamless floor.
Yep, I could face this happily every morning. 
See how the windows peel back from the corner,
to reveal a perfectly inviting alfresco lifestyle? 

Would you like to live here,
alfresco style?

Images & Agent details: Marshall White;
+ Australian Design Review.
Architects: Architects Eat.
Property address: 35 Wattle Valley Rd Canterbury Victoria


  1. absolutely..no question about that!!thankyou for the lovely post and also for your always lovely comments on my blog! have a great weekend, virginia!! xx meenal

  2. Virginia .. you had me at 'alfresco'.
    Love the colours .. and yes, that bathroom vanity is a doozy - perhaps you can have the left whilst I have the right. Deal??! Now let's just find some cash to buy it (-:

  3. I could live here quite happily! Thanks for stopping by my blog btw.

  4. I love the enourmous timber bathroom bench. And probably its the only one in the world too. Lovely images. Thanks for sharing.

    And thank you so much for taking time to encurage and comment on a small norwegian blog as mine. I am honored.

  5. Also love it--reminds me of Bali but more elegant. I do think you would have to be a very Zen person to live here though--I, alas, am not!

    Happy Weekend Virginia!

  6. Alfresco living is wonderful....a fabulous feeling of space and light! Ax

  7. It is Australian style of living.

  8. I reckon I have just the moniker for this style - Funky Edwardian!!
    Millie x

  9. I do love that house Virginia! The timber vanity is gorgeous too. I love the mixture of clean lines with organic shapes within the house.

  10. Wow - I love this timber vanity! Do you know who the supplier is?! We are building and I would love something similar for our bathroom!

    1. Hi Tamika. I don't know who the supplier was, but assuming you are in Melbourne too (??), I would contact Shiver Me Timbers because they have fabulous recycled timber and should be able to make up something similar, or they could recommend a joiner to do so. I have just used a stack of their recycled ironbark and oregon posts on a project which do not look dissimilar to these.


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